Ground Vehicles (Apocalypse)

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Within Megaprimus' ever creeping structures littering the skyline, its primary mode of low cost travel involves the mass transit People Tube system that propels hapless travellers along magnetized tubes at breakneck speeds without requiring any vessels of conveyence.

For those less inclined to travel the old fashioned way, the older grav road system allows for reasonable access around the city in more conventional low flying hovercars to travel on a cushion of anti gravity magnetism.

As with all transport vehicles in the city, road vehicles have built in auto pilots that allow navigation to anywhere in the city, given the roads lead there. They also feature remote manual control overrides for owners of the vehicles to take control of the vehicle should the need ever arise.

X-Com Road Vehicles

Blazer Turbo Bike
The Blazer turbo bike is best described as a rich persons toy. Blazer Turbo Bikes are built simply for transportation. Only one agent can ride it at any given time, and the only means of expansion involve a single engine upgrade. Though a classy and stylish vehicle to own, it's neither practical nor suitable for a large number of X-Com's needs. However, should X-Com fall into hard times and require a means of transport that's faster than the people tubes, this is it.

Because the Blazer Turbo Bike is not strictly a military vehicle, it is also made available to civilian companies to utilise for personal and recreational use.
The Stormdog is a basic road hovercar that resembles a slightly stripped down version of the police road cruisers. In function, it is utilised in very much the same way as a police cruiser. It allows for seating of four agents and a rear mounted anti air gun turret or ground launched missile array. Though it can mount weapons to combat aircraft, it's far from being an ideal combat vehicle, and is more suited towards for transporting small squads or portions of squads to terror sites around the city. However, in a pinch, it can handle a few of the smaller UFO types as long as it's able to cut across their flight path.
Wolfhound APC
The Wolfhound is a grav-road dependant hover, armoured personnel carrier (APC) that has similar weapon capabilities as the Stormdog. However, it seats almost twice as many agents and offers two standard sized upgrade module slots that allow the APC's role to to be expanded. The APC comes standard with a cargo module that is sometimes a bit sticky to remove, but can otherwise be removed. The APC is an ideal secondary or tertiary inter city troop transport for getting secondary squads around the city during a terror alert with multiple alien drop sites. Because it's limited to the road, it cannot reach off-road sites such as crashed UFOs, but that's where the air-bound carriers come into play.
Griffon AFV
The Griffon is the only ground vehicle that's designed purely for combat. As such, it's a giant tracked vehicle that comes standard issue with one of the most powerful weapons available to X-Com, the Rumble Cannon. The tank's main cannon can be substituted for a long range ground launched missile launcher or an even longer range plasma cannon. The cannon hardpoint is capable of mounting a smaller anti-air turret or the ground launched missile array that normally comes standard issue on Wolfhounds. The tank also comes with an optional medium accuracy modification slot for those interested in hit stationary targets.

Unfortunately, despite its rugged looks, the Griffon is not an all-terrain-vehicle, and in fact a grav-road dependant vehicle with fake tracks that serve only to make it look big. This means the tank is restricted to the roads, thus eliminating the usefulness of its main cannon. This sadly leaves the tank looking grand only in looks. Tanks can, however, be very effective if they are strategically placed around the city to provide heavy ground support for air skirmishes - preferably after the air skirmishes have begun. This draws fire away from the tank, which can be destroyed in a single blow if the road underneath it is destroyed.

[ NKF : Of all the road vehicles made available to X-Com, it's curious to note that not one of them, except the Blazer Turbo Bike, is used by anyone else in the city. This could suggest that X-Com is being supplied with "old goods"? ]

Civilian Vehicles