HQ Facilities (Long War)

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HQ Facilities

The XCOM Headquarters is made up of numerous facilities that are responsible for managing and supplementing the base's important strategic and research functions. The base building in Long War is mostly the same as vanilla, with pretty much every building doing what you'd expect it to from vanilla. Base facilities can optionally be built quickly by selecting the option when building the facility, which will make it cost considerably more cash and some Meld.

Static facilities

Several crucial facilities are automatically available to player and their base locations remain static throughout the game.

Mission Control

The focus of XCOM engagement. Features a rotating hologram of Earth (referred to by Bradford as a 'hologlobe'). In this room you can scan for incoming alien contacts through XCOM's satellite network (allowing for the passage of time), and missions can be launched from here.

Situation Room

The Situation Room has two primary uses. The first is monitoring the panic levels the individual nations of The Council and launching satellites to help mitigate that panic and provide additional coverage against alien UFOs. The second is managing XCOM's finances and resources; in the Situation Room you can see your monthly expenditures and incomes, visit the Gray Market, and review any Pending Requests from The Council.


This facility, managed by Dr. Shen, allows players to build a wide variety of items that have been researched by the scientists in the labs or designed by the engineers in the Foundry.

Research Labs

The research team, headed by Dr. Vahlen, can be found in this location. The laboratory allows players to research upgrades and can be improved to increase research speed. In this room players can also peruse the research archives, detailing previously completed projects.


In the Barracks, players can manage their soldiers, including equipping and customizing the troops, managing their skills and hiring new soldiers. There is also a Memorial Wall dedicated to those who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Players can also access the Officer Training School and the Psionic Labs through the Barracks.


The Hangar allows players to manage their aircraft, including purchasing new Interceptors, transferring craft between continents, and changing their weapon load-outs. Additional facilities

Additional facilities

Dozens of additional facilities can be purchased and built into player bases, bestowing certain benefits. These locations are housed in the base underneath the existing static locations. Most cave locations will require excavation before new facilities can be built in them.

Most of these facilities grant an adjacency bonus, giving nearby rooms of the same type particular benefits, such as rebates on building materials or increased power from power generators. Rooms in the same category give these bonuses, so placing a Satellite Nexus next to a Satellite Uplink will grant a bonus. It's also worth noting that these bonuses go both left and right and up and down, so the most efficient placement for four facilities that can grant bonuses with each other would be putting them into a square shape.

Each of these additional facilities require maintenance, which costs a fixed amount each month. The maintenance cost can be reduced by employing additional engineers. With limited resources, players will be unable to build all available facilities simultaneously.

Access Lift

Alien Containment

Cybernetics Lab

Fission Generator

Thermo Generator


Genetics Lab


Officer Training School

Psionic Labs

Satellite Nexus

Satellite Uplink