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General Information

Having harvested the oceans the aliens have bred these huge Earth creatures as a weapon. Do not be lulled into a false sense of security when facing these harmless looking sailors of the deeps.

Possessed of a formidable, ranged, freezing blast and a close combat icy strike, the Hallucinoid is a deadly foe.
Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia

Hallucinoid Autopsy
Hallucinoid Autopsy
Nested in the many layers of the gelatinous body of this organism is a powerful chemical freezer, its main offensive capability. The soft and supple skin of the Hallucinoid seems susceptible to heat based attacks. Often this mutant is found in the company of its masters, the Aquatoids.
Source: Terror From The Deep Ufopaedia
Time Units 62 - 91
Health 120
Energy 90 - 133
Reactions 90 - 122
Strength 90 - 111
Bravery 100
Firing Accuracy 32 - 129
Throwing Accuracy 80
MC Skill 0
MC Strength 90 - 111
Front Armour 14 - 42
Left Armour 14 - 42
Right Armour 14 - 42
Back Armour 14 - 42
Under Armour 10 - 30
Hidden Attributes
Melee Accuracy 90 - 133
Energy Recharge 50
Victory Points 35
Standing Height 23
Kneeling Height 18
Intelligence 7
Aggression 2
Other information
Armour category Hallucinoid
Possible Ranks Terrorist
Unique Attributes Melee Attack, Can "Fly"

The Hallucinoid is a large, "flying" alien jellyfish usually found in the company of Aquatoids and Mixed Crews underwater, and is also deployed to guard important sites such as Alien Colonies or Artefact Sites. It is fairly resilient, but is limited to physical melee attacks. Contrary to the Ufopaedia description, it does not have a ranged attack.

Since it is not particularly aggressive and has no means of harassing enemies at range, it is not an immediate threat to Aquanauts as long as they maintain their distance. However, if allowed to close to melee range, it can seriously damage or kill any Aquanaut.

Hallucinoids' ability to change elevation allows them to pursue Aquanauts wearing Magnetic Ion Armor. However, their large size renders them unable to chase Aquanauts through narrow gaps or passages.

The Hallucinoid appears in Terror From the Deep. Its closest approximation in UFO Enemy Unknown is the Reaper.


The Hallucinoid is not a very dangerous alien, as it has no ranged weaponry and is not amazingly fast or aggressive like the Tentaculat. It does, however, have a great deal of bulk between its immense health, wide array of resistances, and significant armour.

Sonic weapons are effective for hunting Hallucinoids, as they aren't resisted and have enough power to punch through the armour. Thermal Shok Launchers are also very effective. Explosives deal 4x damage due to Hallucinoids' large size, but their significant HE resistance and Under Armour mean that only very powerful explosives such as the Torpedo Launcher and Disrupter Pulse Launcher can really benefit from this. Gauss weapons do a decent job on lower difficulty settings, but on the higher difficulties Hallucinoids' armour is just too tough. Hallucinoids' ability to swim makes it difficult to use grenades against them, but the Magna-Pack Explosive and Sonic Pulser will deal massive damage if you can catch one on the ground. Finally, do not attempt to use Vibroblades against Hallucinoids. Their high armour and resistance to melee damage make these drills ineffective. Stronger drills like the Heavy Thermic Lance have a better chance at armour penetration. Note that approaching a Hallucinoid to use a drill also puts the Aquanaut in its striking range.


The following are some miscellaneous notes on the Hallucinoid:

  • The Hallucinoid takes 0.6x damage from melee and armour piercing attacks, 0.7x damage from explosives, 0.8x from Gauss, but 1.7x damage from incendiary attacks.
  • It appears exclusively underwater.
  • Takes up 4 squares on the battlescape.
  • Hallucinoids cannot be captured alive, due to the same flag being set that prevents capture of Cyberdiscs and Sectopods in UFO.
    • Because the Hallucinoid occupies the same slot in UNITREF.DAT as the Sectopod did in the first game, it is likely that the developers simply replaced the relevant data but forgot to remove this flag.

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