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Havens represent a liberated region of the geoscape and is the hub of information for both XCom's and ADVENT's strength in the region.


Resistance personnel can be assigned jobs from either the geoscape tower icon or the commander's quarters of the Avenger. Personnel represent resistance members and are not soldiers. they will only fight in specific types of battles involving the haven. The personnel can be assigned one of four jobs:

  • Intel: generate a small amount of the intel resource and discover missions in the region. Intel will reveal advent activities, they are always here, you just do not know about them yet
  • Supplies: generate supplies resources which will be delivered at the end of the month in the supply drop.
  • Recruit: attempt to find new resistance rebels, soldiers, scientists, and engineers. Rebels will immediately be available for work when discovered while soldiers will become available in the recruitment list aboard the Avenger. Through recruitment activities there is a 67% chance that new recruits will be haven rebels and 33% chance that they will be soldiers available for recruitment. Once a haven has 13 rebels, it changes to approximately 20% chance of rebels and 80% chance for soldiers. If the area is liberated, you get a 3% chance for scientists and 3% chance for engineers.
  • Hidden: perform no production but this can help reduce the ADVENT strength in the region and avoid haven raids.

You can have up to 13 haven personnel actively assigned, any more personnel in the haven will automatically be hidden an cannot be assigned. They can be used as a buffer for retaliation

Resistance personnel can also be acquired as mission rewards. Personnel can gain up to two ranks indicated by zero, one, or two stars next to their names. They are more effective at their task and gain random soldier perks.

ADVENT Strength

The ADVENT strength stat describes the number of troops in this region and will increase the baseline enemy strength of missions in the region. Any personnel action besides hidden will cause this to rise. ADVENT strength is retroactive for missions currently being infiltrated, thus you may notice changes in enemy strength between discovery and execution of a mission.

XCom Liaison

One XCom soldier, scientist, or engineer can be assigned as an liaison to a region by clicking the box in the upper left of the management screen. Having a liaison will increase efficiency by 20% for the respective job except for soldiers helping with the recruitment activity which has more complicated math involved due to officer ranks (if applicable). Having a region liberated and having a radio tower each increase efficiency by another 20% in that region (the two bonuses will stack).

  • Soldiers: boost the recruitment action and are the only way to discover ADVENT infiltrators. The soldier will also be available on any mission in which the resistance personnel take up arms.
  • Scientists: boosts intel jobs.
  • Engineer: boosts supply jobs.

Soldier rank increases their effectiveness and any equipment the soldier had equipped before assignment will be available to them on haven missions.

ADVENT Infiltrators

New resistance personnel can be ADVENT infiltrators, the only indication that this is the case is an "unknown cause" penalty to your monthly supply reward. Faceless infiltrators will steal 20% of the supplies generated in each haven, per faceless in that haven.

Assigning a soldier liaison to a haven will eventually reveal the infiltrators and initiate a rendezvous mission to eliminate them.

ADVENT Retaliations

As the resistance grows stronger and more organized in a region, ADVENT will eventually notice the rebel's actions and try to stop them. They will engage in a number of operations called Retaliations groups of rebels or the entire haven. It's up to XCom to defend them as even when they are armed, simple rebels are no match to ADVENT forces. Retaliations can be either :

  • Full retaliations Those target an entire Haven. Ignoring or totally failing them will lead to all your rebels in the region being killed and the haven being empty. It's possible to prevent those missions as there will always be a Destroy the Relay mission with "Prevent Resistance Data Leak" as reward before the actual retaliation. If you can detect this mission with enough time to infiltrate it, it's safer for your haven as even with a good squad you might end up with several dead rebels if the retaliation actually occurs. If for whatever reason you can't respond to the mission and loose all your rebels it's still possible (but slow) to rebuild a Haven by using a soldier liaison.
  • Mini retaliations (also called Raids) will target a specific job and all Rebels doing the job. Depending on the targeted activity, the advisor the advisor may also show up in the mission but only soldier advisors will ever be armed. Scientists and Engineers will never help you in a fight unless an officer hands them a pistol. Ignoring a mini-retaliation will kill all rebels on that particular job and that job will be unavailable for some time. The advisor might also die if he was supposed to be in the mission. It's possible to attempt and fail a mission without loosing the rebels, in this case you still won't be able to use that job for the same duration.

Both mini and full retaliations require a minimum Alert Level and active rebels count before they trigger.




Alert Level

Min Rebels on duty

(see notes)

Affected Advisor Mission
Full Retaliation 4 5 All Haven Defense


Intel Raid 3 6 Soldier / Scientist Protect the datatap
Supply Raid 4 6 Soldier / Engineer Protect Supply Convoy
Recruit Raid 4 6 Soldier Escort Recruiters

Notes :

  • Full Retaliations evaluates the rebels on every job while mini retaliations only consider rebels doing that particular job (so 6+ rebels on intel will never trigger a supply raid).
  • Faceless "rebels" count as double to determine the min rebels on duty so 4 rebels on a particular job, two of them being faceless is enough to trigger the raid for that job. This means it's theoretically possible to trigger a raid with only 3 rebels if all of them are faceless.

ADVENT Strength Transfer


Liberated Regions

Once a haven has been liberated, it stops generating new missions. This means that there is no chance of any retaliation missions happening (and you can put all of your rebels on a given mission). Haven Invasions will happen if Advent can get sufficiently high Advent Strength moved into an adjacent region.

All jobs in liberated regions have a 20% bonus. After a certain time period, liberated regions will begin to produce 50% of the supplies they originally produced, this is to simulate the effects of running out of material to scavenge. Each region will have a random amount of set supplies (between 2000 and 3000) with your starting region having 2500 supplies.