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Havens are the basis of resistance activity for XCOM and is where you assign your rebels jobs in order to complete various tasks.


Resistance personnel can be assigned jobs from either the Geoscape tower icon or the Commander's Quarters of the Avenger. Personnel represent resistance members and are not soldiers. They will only fight in specific types of battles involving the haven. The personnel can be assigned one of four jobs:

  • Intel: generate a small amount of the intel resource and discover missions in the region. Intel will reveal ADVENT activities, they are always here, you just do not know about them yet.
  • Supplies: generate supplies, which will be delivered at the end of the month in the supply drop.
  • Recruit: attempt to find new rebels, soldiers, scientists, and engineers. Rebels will immediately be available for work when discovered. while soldiers will become available in the recruitment list aboard the Avenger. Through recruitment activities there is a 67% chance that new recruits will be haven rebels and 33% chance that they will be soldiers available for recruitment. Once a haven has 13 rebels, it changes to approximately 20% chance of rebels and 80% chance for soldiers. If the area is liberated, you get a 3% chance for scientists and 3% chance for engineers.
  • Hidden: produce nothing. This doesn't help reduce the ADVENT strength (Alert level) in the region, but it helps to avoid haven raids.

You can have up to 13 haven personnel actively assigned, any more personnel in the haven will automatically be hidden an cannot be assigned. Resistance personnel over 13 always survive retaliations, meaning they can be used as buffer for losses.

When Resistance personnel switch jobs, they will be ineffective for 24 hours.

Resistance personnel can also be acquired as mission rewards.

Personnel can gain up to two ranks indicated by zero, one, or two stars next to their names. Rebels rank up based on the amount of days they were at the haven, requiring a minimum of 21 days for 1 star and an additional minimum 21 days (42 total) for 2 stars. Once they are present for at least the given time, they have a 10%/5% chance for each respective rank to promote after each monthly report. Each rank grants a +50% bonus to their effectiveness and grants them two soldier perks that makes them more effective in combat during raids.

XCOM Liaison

One XCOM soldier, scientist, or engineer can be assigned as a liaison to a region by clicking the box in the upper left of the management screen. Having a region liberated and having a radio tower each increase efficiency by another 20% in that region (the two bonuses will stack).

  • Soldiers: boost the recruitment action and are the only way to discover ADVENT infiltrators. The higher their rank and any officer rankings they have will increase their effectiveness in boosting the recruit job and in hunting faceless. The soldier will also be available on all retaliations along with any equipment they currently have. There is an additional bonus to recruitment based on how many rebels are in the haven if the total population is less than 6 and will only recruit rebels. This serves as a method to recovering a lost haven.
  • Scientists: boosts intel jobs by 20%.
  • Engineer: boosts supply jobs by 20%.

The 24 hours cooldown period does not apply to liaisons, so they can be taken out for missions and returned without any extra loss on top of the days spent outside haven.

ADVENT Infiltrators

New resistance personnel can be ADVENT infiltrators. The only indication that this is the case is an "unknown cause" penalty to your monthly supply reward. A higher ranked rebel does not mean it isn't a faceless. Faceless infiltrators will steal 20% of the supplies generated in each haven, and reduce the effectiveness of the recruit/intel job by 3/5/6/7% (based on difficulty), per faceless in that haven. The amount of faceless cannot be more than a third of the total haven population (ex. there can't be more than 4 Faceless in a haven of 12 rebels).

On recruiting a new rebel, there's a base 16% chance that the rebel is a faceless infiltrator. This chance is doubled with the Haven Infiltrator Dark Event active, and reduced by 40% each if the soldier liaison is a Specialist with Scanning Protocol, a Psi Operative with Mind Merge, or has a Battle Scanner equipped. This reduction is multiplicative and thus will have diminishing returns. This reduction also applies to recruiting rebels through other means such as jailbreaks.

Assigning a soldier liaison to a haven will eventually reveal the infiltrators and initiate a rendezvous mission to eliminate them, but higher rank soldiers, Officers and Psi Operatives will increase the speed at which they are revealed. This mission is not required to complete in order to remove faceless from the haven as their cover is now blown, this is more an opportunity to strike back at advent and loot their corpses.

Finishing a rendezvous mission does not necessarily mean all faceless in the region have successfully been eliminated. The amount of faceless that can be present on a given rendezvous is based on the local Force Level and is shown in the mission brief.

Changing your liaison does not reset progress in detecting any faceless (per xwynns)[1]

ADVENT Retaliations

As the resistance grows stronger and more organized in a region, ADVENT will eventually notice the rebels' actions and try to stop them. They will engage in a number of operations called Retaliations against groups of rebels or even the entire haven. It's up to XCOM to defend them as even when they are armed, simple rebels are no match to ADVENT forces. Retaliations can be either :

  • Full retaliations Those target an entire Haven. Ignoring or totally failing a Full Retaliation will lead to all your rebels in the region being killed and the haven being empty. It's possible to prevent those missions as there will always be a Destroy the Relay mission with "Prevent Resistance Data Leak" as reward before the actual retaliation. Winning that mission will prevent the Retaliation completely and ensure the haven is safe. If you can't respond to the Retaliation or lose all your rebels during it's course it's still possible (but slow) to rebuild a Haven by using a soldier liaison to recruit new rebels.
  • Mini retaliations (also called Raids) will target a specific job and all Rebels doing the job. Depending on the targeted activity the advisor may also show up in the mission but only soldier advisors will ever be armed. Ignoring a mini-retaliation will kill all rebels on that particular job and that job will be unavailable for 21 days. The advisor will also die if they were supposed to be in the mission. It's possible to attempt and fail a mission without losing the rebels (especially for Intel Raids), in this case the job will still be locked for the same duration.

Both mini and full retaliations require a minimum Alert Level and active rebels count before they trigger.




Strength Level


Vigilance Level

Min Rebels on duty

(see notes)

Affected Advisor Mission
Full Retaliation 4 4 3 All Haven Defense


Intel Raid 3 2 3 Soldier / Scientist Protect the datatap
Supply Raid 4 1 3 Soldier / Engineer Protect Supply Convoy
Recruit Raid 4 2 6 Soldier Escort Recruiters


  • Full Retaliations evaluates the rebels on every job (except hiding job) while mini retaliations only consider rebels doing that particular job (so 6+ rebels on intel will never trigger a supply raid).
  • Full retaliations also has an additional requirement in order to occur. The haven population must be at least 5 in order for the attack to launch meaning that a haven with only 4 rebels will never get attacked regardless of the number of rebels on duty (this does not mean they can't be raided).
  • Faceless "rebels" reduce the minimal rebel on duty count required in order to trigger a retaliation to an absolute minimum of three. So 2 rebels on duty is always safe. But 3 Faceless "rebels" can trigger a recruit raid.

Rebel Loadouts

During mini retaliations (raids) and rendezvous, rebels are equipped with weaponry to aid soldiers in combat. Rebels have a random chance to receive weapon tech based on approximately 1 tech level below the highest weapon tech XCOM has researched (but also requires all previous tech to have been researched as well). Example, if XCOM has researched up to advanced magnetics, then rebels have a random chance to carry laser weapons during missions where they are armed. Rebels also receive a guaranteed HP bonus based on the armor tech XCOM has researched, gaining an additional +2 HP with predator armor and another +3 HP with powered armor (total +5 HP). The rebels randomly gain one of the following loadouts during missions they are armed:

  • 60% chance to carry an assault rifle, a frag grenade, and a flashbang grenade.
  • 20% chance to carry a SMG, a frag grenade, and a smoke grenade.
  • 20% chance to carry a shotgun, a frag grenade, and a smoke grenade.

Liberated Regions

Once a haven has been liberated, it instantly destroys up to 5 Advent Legions/Strength present in the region with any excess transferring to adjacent regions, all regions in the world gain 1 vigilance with adjacent regions gaining another 1-2 points, stops generating new missions and any current missions underway in the region and grants any currently infiltrating missions in that region a +50% bonus to infiltration but must be launched or aborted.

This means that there is no chance of any retaliation missions happening (and you can put all of your rebels on a given job). Additionally, any current missions underway will instantly stop meaning it can cancel any dark events being researched in the region and stops any current retaliations in the region upon liberation. Haven Invasions will happen if Advent reinforces the Advent Strength to 8 onto an adjacent region. You can prevent invasion by detecting the first step of invasion(Supply Line Raid) on the liberated region before the invasion. This cannot occur on newly liberated regions until after 21 days has passed.

All jobs in liberated regions have a 20% bonus. After a certain time period, liberated regions will begin to produce 50% of the supplies they originally produced, this is to simulate the effects of running out of material to scavenge. Each region will have a random amount of set supplies (between 2000 and 3000) with your starting region having 2500 supplies.