Hawk Air Warrior (Apocalypse)

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The Hawk Air Warrior is primarily a military vehicle. It serves an identical role as the Valkyrie Interceptor, but provides a whole lot more than the Valkyrie. It has two long weapon hardpoints and a main gun hardpoint, which can mount a Medium Disrupter Beam. Additionally, it has four standard module slots. The Hawk unfortunately has a horrible turn rate. It's best utilised in small packs of Hawks, or as a heavy weapons support ship for small squadrons of Hoverbikes or Hovercars.

Both the Valkyrie and the Hawk Air Warrior can function as bomber craft as well. By outfitting them with the extremely long range Retribution missile launcher and hovering at maximum altitude, you can strike enemy buildings with pinpoint accuracy from a very long distance. This is useful if your soul purpose is to bankrupt a specific organization by destroying their buildings, as it's possible to fire the missiles from an extremely long distance, then turn back and dock at base before they can send out craft to intercept you.

Official Entry: "The Hawk is essentially a heavy weapons platform capable of carrying a significant payload. It is the most powerful vehicle manufactured by Marsec and should be the first line of defense against any invasion force, wherever it comes from."