Heavy Plasma Pistol (Bureau)

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Sectoids will begin to carry this gun mid/lateway through a campaign. With significant accuracy, the Heavy Plasma Pistol is a safe choice for a second weapon for Carter. Indeed, while two shots from a Laser Pulse Rifle can take out a Drone, the Heavy Plasma Pistol can destroy drones with one shot. Additionally, the bolts pierce enemies, so not also do you damage an enemy, but you also hurt any ones behind it.

  • Clip/Carry: 5/25
  • Gunner Pack: 6/30

It can be first accuired in Operation Longsword, in a crook of the stairwell early in the Outsider facility. A surprisingly powerful weapon, consider it as a 'plasma magnum'. Though it won't come up often, it does have multi-target piercing properties. It's the best weapon for your Supports.

Don't let the low ammo fool you, the heavy plasma pistol deals extremely high head shot damage. Many enemy types can be taken out with one shot to the face, and elites will rarely survive more than a few hits to their vulnerable bits. In the hands of a skilled shooter you get all the lethality of a sniper rifle with over twice the ammo. The heavy plasma pistol's ability to quickly eliminate threats with minimal exposure risk and respectable ammo storage makes it an excellent choice for your primary weapon.