Hoverbike (Apocalypse)

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The hoverbike is the cheapest form of air travel and a classic favourite. It's cheap, convenient, fast and has a breakneck turning speed. Unfortunately, it also blows up very easily if hit too hard, but it is able to dodge incoming fire easily because of it's small size and agility. It sports a small weapon hardpoint that can mount a weapon as heavy as the Lineage Plasma Cannon or the one-shot Retribution missile launcher. It also has a dedicated slot for a small Cyberweb weapon control module. Two agents can ride the bike, but it's more efficient when utilised as an unmanned combat vehicle rather than as a light transport to and from combat sites. Best utilised in small hoverbike fleets except against ships with efficient anti-air weaponry or technology. (i.e. the Multibomb Launcher)

Official Entry: "The unusual Hoverbike with 'side car' is used for military purposes or for the personal pleasure of wayward youth who enjoy speed and altitude. Its good power to weight ratio means that this is the most maneuverable air vehicle but it can only carry light armaments. The Hoverbike can be a valuable means of transport for the Agent on investigative missions where speed of response is essential."

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