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General Information

Hyper-wave Decoder

Alien communications rely on a supre-dimensional wave which travels instantaneously. The decoder facility intercepts UFO transmissions and decodes the information. This will show the type of UFO, the alien race and the type of activity.

Source: Enemy Unknown/UFO Defense Ufopaedia

The Hyper-wave Decoder is the ultimate in UFO detection technology. It is the most expensive facility available, but it is worth every penny.

As a radar, the Hyper-wave Decoder's detection sphere extends beyond the Large Radar and has a 100% chance of detecting any encompassed UFO during the half-hourly radar sweeps.

In addition to the standard radar functions, it will also reveal the UFO's type, mission, destination and the race of its crew.

Hyper-Wave Decoders are made available after capturing and interrogating an alien Navigator.

This base facility appears in UFO: Enemy Unknown. For the Terror from the Deep equivalent, refer to the Transmission Resolver.

Hyper-Wave Decoder: Level 0 Hyper-Wave Decoder: Level 1


Construction Time: 26 days
Construction Cost: $1,400,000
Maintenance Cost: $30,000/month

Detection Abilities:
Short: 0
Long: 0
Hyperwave: +100

The above apply a one-time-bonus to the bases detection abilities.


  • The Hyper-wave Decoder adds one unit to your base's "Long Range Detection" meter, although that statistic is meaningless.
  • Though radar abilities are stackable amongst all three radar types, the Hyperwave's extended range and 100% detection rate make the Short and Long detection abilities redundant. Older radars can be dismantled and the space freed for other facilities. Be mindful of the Paying for Dirt bug if you do not intend to recycle the land used for the older radars.

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