Hyperwave Relay (EU2012)

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The Hyperwave Relay

Alien communications rely on a supra-dimensional wave which travels almost instantaneously. This relay should allow us to trace the source of these communications.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required Hyperwave Beacon
Manpower Required N/A
Base Costs §175, 10 Alloys, 1 Hyperwave Beacon
Power 4
Maintenance 30
Build Time 14 days
Provides see notes
Adjacency Bonus N/A

  • The Hyperwave Relay, like the Hyperwave Decoder/Transmission Resolver from previous games, is an intelligence facility that reveals details of enemy craft.
  • Unlike the advanced detection devices from previous games, it is not a replacement for your previous infrastructure. Keep those satellites running, Commander.
  • The Relay, once it is constructed, will reveal the mission profile and crew size of a target UFO. It will also show you which alien races are present.
    • However, if more than 7 types of aliens are present on the craft then it will not show them, leaving you with some unexpected surprises.
  • The Hyperwave Relay is also required to locate the invisible Overseer UFO, a task necessary to continue the storyline. It will do so anywhere between a few hours and a few weeks after construction.
  • Once constructed, it cannot be torn down: as a permanent structure, put it somewhere where it's not going to block any adjacency bonuses you may want.

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