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The Reaver of Darkness: The current alien dimension is a bit boring, as you go up against each building in a series circuit. There seem to be progressively negative effects against the aliens as you destroy their buildings, but that could be in my imagination.

I was thinking it would be neat if when you first enter the alien dimension, you find the buildings hooked up together by a network of tubes instead of a series. You would need to fly the dimension probe near each building for a few seconds to collect data on it, and then take the data back home for research. You could choose which buildings to research and assault first, and each building destroyed would have a negative impact on the aliens:

Incubator: destroying this building will greatly reduce the number of available eggs and cause the aliens to deposit smaller numbers of eggs or multiworms in the city on incursions for the next several days until they recover their numbers somewhat.

Spawning Chamber: destroying this building will prevent all future production of eggs and cause the aliens to subsist entirely on existing eggs until they eventually run out. If both this and the incubator are destroyed, the aliens will have only a small number of eggs, but will pool them together and make a massive last ditch assault on your city, dropping all of their remaining eggs into random nearby buildings and fleeing again to their dimension. After that, no eggs or multiworms will be seen for the rest of the game.

Food Chamber: destroying this building will have no effect for at least a week, but eventually the aliens will become more sluggish and their strength and health values will gradually reduce. If the game drags on long enough, some species will begin to starve and die.

Megapod Chamber: while this building is functional, the aliens will (once in a great while) produce a seed to replace a destroyed building, and this seed will grow for several days, eventually becoming a smaller, less effective replacement for the building. You can ignore it if you are assaulting rapidly, but might want to take it out early if your playstyle is slower.

Sleeping Chamber: destroying this building will start to affect the aliens within days, reducing their time units and reactions, making them sluggish. The effect will stack on heavily for a while, with a diminishing return.

Organic Factory: destroying this building will cause the aliens to be unable to generate new craft, though they will have some stored underground still. They will also be unable to generate new equipment. If you play long enough with this building taken down but with the Spawning Chamber intact, the aliens will run out of equipment as they lose it to your dimension and will eventually stop making anthropods and skeletoids altogether, as there will be nothing to equip them with. Alternatively, they may assault your dimension and attempt to steal supplies from an arms factory or other building that could carry equipment. If they are successful, you may see anthropods and skeletoids equipped with Earth-based equipment.

Soon after the destruction of this building, the aliens will mount a retaliatory assault on your dimension, pooling all of their remaining craft in one giant fleet which will fire at buildings randomly and attempt to raze the city to the ground. They will remain in the city until destroyed or until a large amount of damage has been inflicted. If they know where X-Com bases are, they will consider those prime targets for attack.

Alien Farm: destroying this will have no impact on the game, but we can believe that over the next few years it would prevent any surviving aliens from re-colonizing their planet as its environment shifts toward something uninhabitable for them.

Control Chamber: destroying this building will instantly cause all aliens other than psimorphs and micronoids to act feral and erratically. The aliens will be unable to coordinate attacks, and groups of them will spread out randomly. After this, the aliens may at times assault your base directly with psimorphs and micronoids, but these attacks will be few and far between as the aliens don't have many of these and do not wish to deplete their numbers.

Maintenance Factory: destroying this building will cause all other buildings to have reduced functionality. New building seeds, in addition to having reduced functionality, will also be unable to grow any further. Destroying either the Megapod Chamber or the Maintenance Factory will prevent the aliens from being able to repair their city. Furthermore, once this building is destroyed, all of the connecting tubes around the alien city will fall down.

Dimension Gate Generator: this is the final building and cannot be destroyed or assaulted until all other buildings are eradicated. If you try to attack it early, you'll be given a message that you have to make sure the aliens have no way to regroup for a future assault before you cut them (and you) off.


Another thing I Was thinking of is that you ought to be able to attack the buildings from the air. Ultimately, a ground assault should be required to finish them off, but an air assault can provide early damage both to reduce the building's functionality and to make a ground assault easier. Of course they are heavily armored, and only the most expensive weapons and ammunition can even scratch them. Combined with their mountain of HP, it might just be easier to demolish them from the ground, but that's up to the player to decide. Also, knocking it down from the air will reduce the number of aliens on site when you later perform a ground assault and will also reduce the number of items to bring home.

Overall, I just think it would be a lot more fun to pick and choose how you want to dismantle the alien city, and would help to add more variety to each replay.