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This is a list of all found notes from Missions in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

Groom Range, sub-level checkpoint

Director Frost,

It is with all due respect for you and the organization you represent that I compose this note imploring you to please reign in the actions of one Agent Angela Weaver, currently in your employ. The audacity of Agent Weaver’s actions of late can only be motivated by perplexing and utterly unfounded paranoia.

General Deems

Groom Range, sub-level Elerium lab

Memo To: Pvt. Launcce William Carter is not to leave quarters unless in the custody of Lt/ Garber-Paul. Photographic identification of both Garber-Paul and William Carter are included with this correspondence. These orders are of the highest priority.

Under no circumstances is anyone other than the courier himself to manipulate, manhandle, or in any way come into physical contact with the case trusted to his charge.

-Lt. Curr

Groom Range, war room check-in

General Deems,

Director Faulke has been nothing less than cagey as regards the findings of his team at the operation in Montana. The Director has flat-out ignored requests to deliver the apparatus uncovered in the Bannock mines to our laboratories here at Fort Groom. He claims to have secured the artifact at an undisclosed facility, the whereabouts of which are so highly classified that I can’t even verify the place even exists! Faulke is protected all the way up the chain, well beyond my pay-grade.

I’ve informed him repeatedly that the request to transfer the object comes down from you, sir, but he still refuses to acquiesce. I’ve done all I can, sir.

Col. Weatherfrud

Groom Range, war room check-in

Elerium- Space Race Implications

Data Source: Test Series E-43 (12 shots total) Class: Sub-Terranean

As regards directing the funding for future Elerium-based research, I would petition General Deems and the rest of the board to consider the implications this material has on the exploration of Outer Space. Though it is impossible to discern whether this substance exists behind the Iron Curtain, prudence demands we assume it does. Lack of action in this arena will almost certainly see the Soviets extending the already embarrassing lead they’ve taken in the so-called Space Race.

I strongly urge the department to focus significant funding in this direction.

Sincerely, Dr. Feebaker

XCOM base, Act 1, Carter and Nico's office


XCOM base, Act 1, communications offices

“Intercepted Transmission, Fort Detrich, MD”

Sir, enemy has overrun our [inaudible] _casualties are high and we are having trouble mounting a counterattack [coughing, inaudible] The enemy was able to infiltrate and release out stores of [coughing, inaudible] _never had a chance. All staff evacuating to [static]

XCOM base, Act 1, Faulke office

“Security Installations Almost Complete” Director Faulke

The closed-circuit security system has been installed in several of the facility’s main rooms as well as the corridors. This covers all major sections of the base and at your request, we have added a monitoring station in your office. The recording options have also been provided, but some of the crew have concerns about installing cameras in the living and hygiene quarters. I told them I understood, but with potential infected, we just can’t be too careful. You can expect all surveillance to be in place soon.

Pat Barclay Maintenance

XCOM base, Act 1, Ready Room


Are the rumors true? Some of us have been shut away down here in the war room since the initial attack. Reports of the devastation have been bad enough, but can they really hide among us? How are we supposed to fight against that? Do we even know if this base in secure? Some of us have already been getting twitchy after long hours without seeing the sun. Rumors like this could lead to a riot.

Laurence Stiegar Materials Specialist

XCOM base, Act 1, Skyranger pad

To All Base Staff:

We apologize for the power fluctuations that are causing brown-outs throughout the facility. Engineers are working around the clock on bringing all necessary electrical subsystems up to speed, but the size of the project is taking a toll on our systems. We request your patience and restraint in unnecessary power use. Particularly, we request that Dr. Heinrich and his team in the research lab limit their power consumption. While I appreciate the gravity of the situation we’re in, along with the fact that we have never had to run at full capacity, continued power disruptions will cause unavoidable delays in production.

Donald P. Wrangler Senior Staff Engineer

XCOM base, Act1, Infirmary

All Medical Staff

Our stock of medical supplies has been checked and should allow us to care for our patients. That said, with the number of injured that are returning from the field we still need to ration accordingly as our supply is not indefinite, and supply lines are strained at best. Please remember to use all medical supplies sparingly- It’s going to be a long war.

Dr. Simon Timmons

XCOM base, Act 1, Lab

Dr. Heinrich

As per your request we are refitting the missile silo to house recovered elerium samples. Since we’re unsure what long term exposure to the substance may bring we are lining the silo walls with lead for extra protection. We should have this completed in conjunction with other improvements we are making to the lab. The missile that had been housed in the silo has been safely dismantled and stored. However, I simply cannot comply with the requests of Drs. Murphy and Scott, who requested it for “high-yield elerium delivery experiments.”

Perhaps you should talk to them about their independent studies.

Donald P. Wrangler Senior Staff Engineer

==XCOM base, Act 1, Armory

July 19, 1963 Armory Staff

After last month’s weapon test incident we’ve installed and tested sprinklers in the firing range test area. We should not have another incident like the last one and frankly I don’t think the environment here can handle another fire. Please make sure all live fire tests are supervised as our target dummies are susceptible to fire.

Pat Barclay Maintenance

XCOM base, Act 1, Elevator hall

Incident Report

Last week was the second time weapons crates were stacked in front of the Skyranger bay elevator. Only the quick-thinking of maintenance crew avoided injury during the expedited return of DaSilva’s team. While I understand our rush and the need to have fuel and ammunition readily available, it must be procured through the Requisition Officer in the Armory per normal channels. The Req. Officer needs to maintain an accurate count and service weapons that com back from the field. Proper procedures must be maintained if we are to fight orderly and effectively.

Pat Barclay Maintenance

XCOM base, Act 2, Communication office

Heavy alien construction has removed all but nominal traces of Rosemont University and the surrounding neighborhood. Military defenses have been obliterated, and nearly all civilian populace has been infected with the unknown “sleepwalker” ailment.

Target Weir was successfully extracted, as were a number of uninfected civilians-- currently in quarantine in medical bay for further study. Wreckage of enemy gunship has been delivered to lab with other Outsider artifacts for analysis.

Mission successful.

XCOM base, Act 2, Lab

Outsider Biological Examination

Dr. Dresner,

Here are the findings from the Outsider biopsies. I should call out a few of the more interesting findings which may be useful for your own research:

1- The Outsiders’ biology is largely similar to our own; carbon-based, bipedal, vertebrate, all that. They appear to eat, crap, breath, bleed, and die like us.

2- Many appear to have major modifications to their circulatory, nervous, respiratory, skeletal, and muscular systems. These appear to be synthetic additions but the implantation method is far too through and precise for any surgery we’ve ever seen.

3- On death, these modifications overheat, rapidly consuming themselves and their host. Careful surgery can prevent this, but it’s very difficult and dangerous. Surgeon Kirkhope received severe blisters on the fingers of his scalpel hand, thank you very much.

I trust this is enough information for you to work with, and my staff can return to treating injured humans and studying the afflicted sleepwalkers. If you require more data, you are cordially invited to perform your own god-damned research.

Dr. Jeff Hara

XCOM base, Act 2, Armory

Security Screening Questions, Friday, Nov 2, 1962

To All Security Agents: Today’s security question for infiltrator screenings, and “suspicious” response guidelines: “Please recite the Pledge of Allegiance.”

Obviously, this should be easy for any red-blooded American. Be sure to watch for unusual cadence, which may indicate unfamiliarity with the pledge, or for signs of discomfort at the phrase “under God.” Remember, your vigilance means the safety of the base and our entire species. When in doubt, take no chances.

Director Faulke

XCOM base, Act2, Upper office entrance

Security Screening Questions, Sunday, Nov 11, 1962

To all Security Agents:

Today’s security question for infiltrator screenings, and “suspicious” response guidelines: “Where were you when President Johnson was assassinated?”

Obviously, this is a trick question. The Outsiders are passingly aware of our recent history, but appear to be bad at distinguishing between specific human names. Remember, your vigilance means the safety of the base and our entire species. When in doubt, take no chances.

Director Faulke

XCOM base, Act2, Offices

Security Screening Questions, Wednesday, Nov 14, 1962

To All Security Agents: Today’s security question for infiltrator screenings”suspicious” response guidelines: “What noise does a dog make?”

Interrogation has revealed that Outsiders do not appear to have dogs on their homeworld, and as such will not respond with the obvious “woof” or “bark” or even “bow wow.” The closest thing they have appears to be a sort of mechanically-augmented personal pack animal of similar shape and size. Be warned: at least one infiltrator in the field has been uncovered attempting to pass by using the sound of these creatures: “goff goff.”

Remember, your vigilance means the safety of the base and our entire species. When in doubt, take no chances.

Director Faulke

XCOM base, Act 2, Avenger Hanger

Project Avenger Order Form

Deliver immediately and file in a secure envelope. Too many rumors about Project Avenger have been leaking out. I know the team needs to know that we have a positive way of striking back at the enemy, but we cannot afford to risk this knowledge reaching an infiltrator.

XCOM base, Act 2, Break room


I know we’re all dealing with a lot right now, from weeks living underground to the threat of extinction of the human race, but if I find the person who keeps drinking my personal store of Thunder Cola, I WILL TURN YOU IN AS AN INFILTRATOR AND SEE YOU IN FRONT OF A FIRING LINE!

Go ahead and test me, Edmund

XCOM base, Act 2, Ready room

Infiltrator Testing Procedures

All Personnel: As the tragic events around Nils’ demise have taught us, we must be eternally vigilant against infiltration from the Outsider menace. Physical screening can prevent cloaked Infiltrators, but we must be wary of other forms of infiltration, particularly by sympathizers or double agents.

Until such time as we can determine a scientific test to reveal the enemies among us, we have developed a functional identity test. On entrance to the base form any external trip or assignment, all personnel are required to go through a screening attended by no fewer than two guards. These guards will ask one of a series of screening questions, rotated daily. Any subject who gives what is considered a suspicious response will be held for further questioning. Security agents will be given the questions and guidelines depeicting what constitutes a “suspicious” answer on a daily basis. We thank you for your vigilance. With your assistance, we shall persevere.

Director Faulke


My Dear Evelyn,

Pa is now officially in cahoots with the government. He’s struck a deal with them and now men in black suits with shiny black shoes are running all over our little farm. Pa says that he sold them some of the less productive land outside the North Pasture and is even allowing them to build some special bunkers in our barns! We’re not to bother them, and we can no longer go across the new ‘government land’ to get to Johnson’s creek.

Ma’s calling no so I have to go and do my night work before bed.

Write back soon!




Remember that plan we made in case something went wrong?

Something has gone wrong.

The signals we’re intercepting are like nothing I’ve ever heard. The headaches started two days ago, and today I decided that I had to run for it.

Between the director locking down the facility and those transmissions-I’m getting my stuff and getting the hell out of here.

Meet me at the place we went on Valentine’s day, Philip


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

A time to be born, and a time to die. A time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted.


It’s been weeks since we’ve heard from anyone.

The director says we must maintain a communications blackout for security reasons.

I’m dying here without any of my favorite shows.

Yesterday Philip came out of the men’s room with what looked like oil smeared across his face. The director saw him and ushered him into his office. I heard raised voices and I swear I heard what sounded like a slap.

Something is happening and no one is talking about it.

Tom, let’s meet for cards and gossip. I have to get all of this off my chest. -Randy


From the desk of Martin Massier, Director of Operations:

This place holds secrets that, if lost, would endanger every last living American.

I did this for national security, not only to protect the secrets that we hold here but to ensure public health and safety. For these same reasons I was regretfully compelled to kill my assistant, Diane.

I do this with a heavy heart but a steady hand.

Goodbye, Edna.


Wednesday, 3:45pm:

The facility has been compromised.

Symptoms started showing up a week ago. After that I ordered the rest of my team to lock ourselves in the lab.

Two days ago we heard gun shots. It was mechanical. One every 10 seconds. A pistol if I had to guess.

We went downstairs after it stopped and saw everyone. It was unbelievable.

We decided the only thing we could do is give them a proper burial.

Thursday, 4:03pm

We gave up on the burials after Dr. Samuels started to show signs of what seemed like exhaustion. Fearing exposure to the virus, we retreated back to the lab, where we remain.

We can only hope that the DOD will come to investigate our lapse in communication soon.

Dr. Sandoval Berger

Pima, Cop car near diner

Captain Garner,

I've never seen anything like this. My men and I were directing the evacuation when this businessman just stopped in the middle of the group. He stood there; his eyes all black, and then turned around. It was like he didn't even notice all the people around him, going the other way. He walked right back towards that tower thing. Didn't listen when I yelled. Didn't stop when one of my men grabbed his arm. Just kept on going... Kind of like he was sleepwalking.

He wasn't the only one. Half a dozen people turned, like that, in the first hour. Hell, some people even got out of their cars and started walking back. They just left their cars there in the middle of the road! I set half of my men to clearing out the abandoned vehicles. I'm taking Officers Caruso, Meier, and Bull and we're going to follow those poor bastards. Find out what the hell is happening here.

Lieutenant Mark Giemza Pima Policec Department

Pima, Car dealership

Dear Mr. Smith of Smith Novelties Company,

Re:Order #11161983

On 9/5/1962 I placed an order via telephone for 500 custom bobbleheads to be delivered to Larry’s Portsmouth of Pima in New Mexico.

I received the order today and unfortunately, the product delivered does not meet my expectations. If you notice on the order form (#11161983), you’ll see that I checked the box labeled bobbleheads yet I received 500 statues. While that statues are certainly well-made, they’re not what I ordered. What’s worse, there’s no time to correct the error as I need them for our promotional sale for the new Portsmouth model, which will be starting tomorrow.

That leaves me with little choice but to accept the order as delivered and make do as best I can. I’m sure you can appreciate my disappointment with the situation and I trust that you’ll do your best to resolve the issue to my satisfaction as soon as possible. Considering the circumstances, I would not be opposed to a partial reimbursement.

Please have your secretary contact me at her earliest convenience so that we can arrange a call and resolve this matter.


Emily Maloney

Marketing Associate, Larry’s Portsmouth of Pima

Pima, Car dealership office

Attention sales staff,

If you’ve listened to KNOV lately, you’ll know that there’s a bad strain of the flu sweeping up from Mexico this year. Sales staff are strongly encouraged to wash their hands and avoid physical contact with customers as much as possible.

Of course, sales are still important to the bottom line, so we will not be turning away customers, even sick ones. Keep a smile on your face, but try not to breathe too deep.

Remember, you may be able to take a sick day but your sales numbers can’t. You all still have to meet your monthly quota, regardless of illness. The best way to do that is to avoid getting sick in the first place, so stay healthy!

Best regards,

Drew McCrory

Sales Manager, Larry’s Portsmouth of Pima

Pima, Tree house body

Letter: Dear Jim,

How I wish I’d gone with you and Molly in spite of my cold!

I’m not rightly sure what to say here. If there were any other way, I’d hold out. I’d find you and Molly. Oh, I’m glad she isn’t here right now...So Glad she isn’t here right now.

I’ve been hiding in Molly’s tree house for the last three days from- this is going to sound silly btu...From aliens/ The whole town is filled with them. Big, monstrous things. They don’t seem to attack unless attacked first but I think they’ve been making us sick. I’ve seen people shuffling towards the alien tower in a haze. Their eyes are black and oozing and they keep talking to themselves. Repeating themselves.

I can feel it happening to me. It’s so hard to focus. My eyes feel wet and when I touch them my fingers come away black. I won’t let myself turn. I want to remember you and Molly and how much I love you for however much longer I survive. Which won’t be long...Which won’t be long.

I took your pistol when I hid and I’m going to use it now. I won’t let myself turn...I won’t let myself turn. I love you both so much...I love you both so much.

Love, Marla Murdoch

Pima, Radio Station

Morning PSA:

Good morning, Pima! We here at KNOV would like to take a few minutes to remind you to take it easy and take care of yourselves.

There’s a flu passing through and I wouldn’t want any of my loyal listeners to catch it! Drink plenty of fluids, wash your hands, and cover your mouth when you cough. You know the drill!

Remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away and Leffelman’s Supermarket has a great deal going on apples, cold medicine, and Brocks brand ginger ale! So get on down to Leffelman’s today!

Mike Chera

Disc Jockey, KNOV Radio

Pima, Radio station backroom

Captain Garner,

We ran into these...things. They have to be aliens. Straight out of some horror flick. A patrol of these monsters was passing by when Officer Meier cracked a joke about their faces. They would have passed right by if he’d kept his damn mouth shut but he went on repeating himself and drew their attention. The bastards killed Officer Caruso before Officer Bull and I could take them out. Officer Meier was still repeating that joke over and over afterward. Poor guy must have cracked. Can’t say I blame him though, with what we’ve been through.

We’re lying low at KNOV Radio now. They sure built this place sturdy and we’ve made a few of our own reinforcements. Unfortunately, we have to move on soon. Our supplies are running low. These aliens have better weapons that we do, and they aren’t struggling from lack of sleep and trying to stay hidden. No. They’re strutting around like they own the place. Maybe they do.

We’re going into that tower to find out what they’re doing with the citizens. It’s my duty as an Officer. We’re headed for Leffelman’s Supermarket, seems to be close to the base of the tower. Meanwhile, I’ll keep an eye on Meier.

Lieutenant Mark Giemza

Pima Police Department

Pima, Gravesite

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Caruso,

I regret to inform you that your son Chris was lost in the course of duty. He was shaping up to be one of our best officers. He fought bravely and didn’t flinch even when facing overwhelming force. Chris knew what he was facing, but he didn’t let that stop him.

It’s cold consolation when you’ve lost your son, but I wanted you to know I’ll be putting his name up for an award when this is all over. I am very sorry for your loss.

Lieutenant Mark Giemza

Pima Police Department

Pima, Leffelman's Supermarket

Wait list for cold medicine:

Awais Ahmed

Rob Caminos

Joe Conley

Pima, Leffelman's Supermarket

Captain Garner,

We managed to find a few things in Leffelman’s, but most of the food had already been taken or left to spoil. Every fifteen minutes we have to hide to keep from getting caught. It’s just me and Officer Bull, now...Just me and Officer Bull now. Officer Meier turned and joined the others, still muttering that damn joke again and again like a broken record.

We followed Meier and figured out how they’re getting into the tower. There are these strange pods behind Leffelman’s. They get in ‘em and those take them into the tower. I’m not keen on following them in that way so we’re going to look for another way in. Damn shame about Meier but there was nothing we could do for him. I hope neither Officer Bull nor I catch it.

Lieutenant Mark Giemza

Pima Police Department

Pima, Leffelman's Supermarket

To all Leffelman’s employes,

We’re running short on cold medicine, as I’m sure you’re well aware. We will have another shipment coming in within the next two days. There will be a wait list at the pharmacist’s counter for customers to sign up. If a customer complains to you, just apologize and gentry direct them to the wait list.

Be careful to cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough and wash your hands regularly. I realize this will be complicated by the plumbing issues we’ve been having, but Albert assures me those will be fixed very soon. In the meantime there will be bottles of distilled water available for your use. As my father always says, we at Leffelmsn’s take care of our own.


P.J. Leffelman

General Manager, Leffelman’s Supermarket

Pima, Leffelman's Supermarket back lot

Dear Mrs. Meier,

I regret to inform you your husband Joshua is now missing in action, presumed dead...Presumed dead. He was an upstanding officer, one of the pillars of our police force. His two decades of service will not be forgotten. I am terribly sorry for your loss.

Lieutenant Mark Giemza

Pima Police Department

Pima, Supermarket warehouse

Mr. Leffelman,

I hate to tell you this, but one of the old pipes in the warehouse basement burst. The entire basement’s covered in about a foot of water. Worse, it’s the main water supply for the supermarket. I’ve been saying we should get new pipes put in for a while. I’ll get the pipe taken care of as soon as I can, but this isn’t going to be a quick repair. Right now I have my crew moving stock out of the flooded areas. Hopefully it’s not too damaged already.

We may want to talk to the city inspector as well. Something in the water seems strange. Hard to describe. I’m thinking maybe sewage got into the supply. In either case, the water’s going to be out for the next several days at least.

Regards, Albert Thorsen

Head of Maintenance, Leffelman’s Supermarket

Pima, Lower S1

Captain Garner,

We found our way into some caverns under the tower. The aliens come and go through here all the time. They stand on this platform and then they disappear. Must be some sort of teleportation device...Some sort of teleportation device. It’s like something out of the sci-fi novels my sister reads.

Officer Bull and I are going to try to use it. Seems to be the only way in unless you want to join the infected...Join the infected.

Lieutenant Mark Giemza

Pima Police Department

Pima, Upper S1

Captain Garner,

We made it into the tower and have managed to stay undetected. We’ve discovered the aliens are loading the pods onto ships...Onto ships. Sending them god knows where.

Officer Bull says we should leave now...Says we should leave now. But I think we should investigate the pods...Investigate the pods. The pods look comfortable and safe...Comfortable and safe. Bull won’t let me get near them but I won’t let him stop me...Won’t let him stop me...Won’t let him stop me...Won’t let him stop me…

Lieutenant Mark Giem…

Pima, Upper S1

Captain Garner,

Despite all odds, Lieutenant Giemza and I have breached the alien tower, though we lost several good men in the process. We’ve discovered that the aliens are transporting the infected offsite. It’s hard to admit but there doesn’t appear to be anything we can do to help them at this point. We can only hope to help ourselves.

Ever since arriving at Leffelman’s, Lieutenant Giemz has begun to demonstrate the same symptoms as Officer Meier. I’m afraid he’s slowly succumbing to the disease that seems to be plaguing the rest of the population. As we move further into the tower, his condition appears to be worsening.

I’ve tried to reason with him but he refuses to leave the tower. I suspect he’s being brainwashed, in a way. I’m going to get him out of here if it’s the last thing I do. Right after we catch a few winks. I need to keep my strength up if I’m going to force him to come with me.

Officer James Bull

Pima Police Department

XCOM base, Act 3, Infirmary

Sleepwalker Screening Warning:

Infirmary Personnel,

It has come to our attention that the new audio-tone security screening has adverse reactions when performed on infected Sleepwalkers.

While Outsiders display markedly increased aggression as a response to the tone, infected Sleepwalkers display physiological signs of increased stress and agitation consistent with intense pain. While we are studying the disturbing implications of this connection between Outsiders and infected humans, we must regretfully remind all personnel that this does not mean that infected personnel can be excluded from a mandatory security screening.

Dr. Hara

XCOM base, Act 3, Lab

Weir/Dresner Screening Protocol

Director Faulke,

After much study of the ‘Mosaic Communication Device’ extracted from “Infiltrator November,” Dr. Dresner and myself have made progress in understanding the nature of Outsider communication. This leads to our practical application for security screening. By playing a combination of tones, one at approximately 4kHz and the other at exactly 18.25 Hz, we appear to be able to recreate a Mosaic violence imperative. Any Outsider exposed to this will be overwhelmed with sensations of aggression and panic, regardless of condition or disguise. However, to humans, this combination merely produces a high-pitched hum, and perhaps a certain sensation of movement.

Note that this tone must be administered carefully, as the human eyeball has a resonant frequency of 18.98 HZ, so a poorly adjusted tone can cause pain, headaches, and temporary visual hallucinations. Details of our research are attached. We trust this will assist in security screening.

Dr. Alan Weir

XCOM base, Act 3, Skyranger pad

New Security Protocol

To All Base Personnel,

With the development of an effective infiltrator screening test by Dr. Dresner and Dr. Weir, I can announce that we have now completed a full test of the base’s personnel. I’m happy to announce that you are all human, and our security lockdown can be lifted somewhat.

However, we cannot afford to become complacent. Any staff that returns to the base will be subject to another screening, and base management reserves the right to perform random, mandatory screenings as necessary. As before, all screenings will be accompanied by at least two armed guards.

We thank you for your vigilance. With your assistance, we shall persevere.

Director Faulke

XCOM base, Act 3, Offices

Damage report from Pima, New Mexico

Pima, New Mexico has been lost and is to be considered a dead zone. Transport spire visible from outside of the city; numerous Sleepwalkers seen shuffling toward it from the surrounding city. Many evacuated, but enemy presence and reinforcements prevent continued evacuation.

Conclusive evidence shows that Sleepwalkers are non-hostile. Infection methods still uncertain, but the case study of Agent Nico DaSilva suggests that prolonged exposure to certain environmental effects may be a cause- however, exposure to infected themselves still appears safe, as seen in case files from other retrieved, quarantined survivors.

Despite the loss of DaSilva’s team, the information attained from inside the transport spire will be invaluable to our research.

Mission is a qualified success.

XCOM base, Act 3, Lab

Lab Notes, Dr. Weir

While we have yet to be able to intercept or fully understand the degree of the ‘mosaic’ communication, we have proven that we can crudely simulate the most basic imperatives with a combination of infrasound and high-frequency tones. We believe there is a third tone that acts to refine the imperatives, but we have yet to isolate its frequency, if that is indeed the fashion in which it is transmitted.

Currently, we have only found one imperative that can be reliably broadcast- primal aggression. I suspect the emotion’s simplicity is the reason it can be broadcast with only two frequencies.

XCOM base, Act3, Faulke office

Intercepted Memo Director,

Found this partial note in the trash and it caught my eye. Thought you’d want to see what the people are saying.


“...then what’s the point, dammit? Cities are being vaporized every damn day. Faulke doesn’t trust any of us and even with the lock down over, where are we supposed to go? We have no home. I say we go down to whatever’s left of Vegas and live out the end of the world in style. We’re all going to tend up like those zombies in quarantine, so why not have som…”

XCOM base, Act 3, Weaver office

Missing Person Case: P. Weaver

A thick case file, with dozens of attached files, photographs, annotated maps, and meticulously handwritten notes. The original case revolves around the unexplained disappearance of Pete Weaver from upstate New York in 1956. Subsequent files follow sightings of mysterious lights, mass blackouts, and other unexplained disappearances around the country. Several include photographs of a man resembling General Deems, seen at the site of the disappearances. Attached are a handful of hand-drawn maps and notes for how and when would be the best opportunity to assassinate General Deems.

XCOM base, Act 3, Carter's office


Dasilva and us used to have a drink or two after hours. After what happened, we figured you could use a bottle to yourself.


Medford, Campsite


Mom tells me you got an award for bravery in the course of duty. Good job! Not that anyone should be surprised. I’m certainly not. If they’d ever seen you punch Tommy Carruthers in the nose, they wouldn’t have been either. Joking aside, I really am proud.

Things have been a little strange here. Hard for me to pinpoint it, but it feels like lots of little things are wrong. Like pipes breaking, power blackouts. Maybe I’m just being paranoid. Remember when I went around wedging pennies in all the window frames so no one could get into the house? Mom won’t ever let me forget that one. Maybe I’m just tired. Haven’t been feeling well lately. You should see the circles under my eyes!

Come visit sometime, okay? I miss you.


Medford, Cabin

Found some caves near the campground and ducked in here to avoid the Outsider patrols and catch some shut eye. Can’t remember the last time I slept more than a few minutes. Denny is on guard duty first. All I can say is they sure didn’t teach us about this in the boy scouts.

Medford, Cave

Denny isn’t looking too good. He’s started repeating himself, like he forgot whatever he just said to me. Same words. Everything. It’s like talking to my Grandma. Told him to keep his nose and mouth covered with that bandana we found in the campground. Maybe it’ll fix his hay fever problem. We can’t afford either of us getting sick. Not if we want to make it out of here alive.

Medford, Dry lake area

We’ve been running for two days, hiding from the Outsider soldiers. No smart ones, thank God. I thought for sure we’d be caught that time Denny sneezed right while they were beneath our tree. Stupid hay fever. Might get us both killed!

Medford, Dry lake boathouse


Could you take a look into the pumping station? Water levels seem a little low for this time of year. Actually, they seem a lot low. Maybe take a look around the caves, see if any new fissures have opened up? If we have any eruptions coming, best to know as much as we can beforehand. The last thing we need is for some tourist to get hurt.



Medford, Holding pens

I... I'm changing. I can see it. Slow. Slow. Some of the others, they don't change at all. They just die. Some change fast. Minutes. We're lab rats. Poked. Prodded. I hope I die. I don't want to become... whatever it is we become. Monster. Animals. I hope I die. I hope someone finds this place and burns it to ashes. I don't want to... become...

Medford, Axis lair

...In that day shall rise up a prophet. He will lead us through turmoil and bring us safely home again.” And when he read what he had written, Yhuun Ahri wept for he knew how his people would suffer. He knew his sons and his sons’ sons would not see the day of homecoming and would instead wander in the darkness between the stars. His tears were bitter.

He rose from his table, with bitter tears still upon his cheeks, and began to teach his sons the ways of war. They might wander homeless, but they would not go unprepared into darkness.

-Book of Origin, The End of Days

XCOM base, Act 4, Faulke office


It is of crucial importance that Axis be taken down immediately.

Please ensure our best agents are deployed to remove this critical threat.

XCOM base, Act 4, Avenger hanger

Reports of sightings

We’re picking up communications of potential Avenger sightings from short-wave radio signals.

The chatter seems mostly harmless, and it is this man’s opinion that it wouldn't matter less if some survivor sees our new baby.

XCOM base, Act 4, Lab

Elerium: This is truly the nectar of the gods!

If we can succeed in manufacturing this bomb, mankind will truly take a leap forward


...prisoner has information valuable to the war effort. It's imperative that he is not allowed to return to the enemy. Transfer the prisoner to XCOM at the soonest possible opportunity. They have the necessary interrogation facilities to handle advanced psionic abilities.


...have been several instances of military personnel committing suicide in the prisoner’s presence. Do not engage in direct contact with the prisoner under any circumstances. Maintain quarantine at all times. XCOM will handle prisoner transfer logistics.

Rio Verde, Upper dam

RE: Glowing Water


Obviously I know this sounds crazy, but the lake was glowing last night. And the water was roiling like mad. I checked the tapes; they go dark just around the time the water lit up. Coincident with the malfunction in the instrumentation. But I saw it with my own eyes. I think we ought to send a team down into the water.


Rio Verde, Offices


Did you remember to bring your rifle? Timothy said he saw a mountain lion the other day so me and the boys are going to try to bag him. It’ll be a gas.


Rio Verde, Offices


I hope you’re okay and that you get this note. Thought it was the Russians at first, but goddamn. It’s like something out of one of my kid’s comic books. Monsters with laser pistols.

My crew and me grabbed the guns from my safe, but we haven’t got much. Taking everyone still living and heading down. There’s some passages that lead out of the dam, going under the lake.

I’ll shoot every damn one of these bastards if I have to. We’re getting out. I suggest you follow us fast as you can.

-Joe Coll, Maintenance & Facilities

Rio Verde, Storage


These fuckin’ freaks are everywhere. They’ve got us blocked off from the escape passage. But we have some of our gear. We’re gonna bust through the goddamned floor if we have to.

Who’m I kidding? You’re probably dead. If you find this...Well, I hope I’ll see you on the other side.


Reo Verde, Break room


Stashed some ammo for you. You know where.

One of my boys is sick. He just keeps repeating himself over and over. He doesn’t look too good. We found one of the secretaries hiding in the offices. She came with us. Brave broad.

The freaks nearly caught us. Lost Robbie in that fight.

- Joe Coll


Dear Carol,

You’re not going to believe me when I tell you this, but please, just try to keep an open mind.

I think the park ranger assigned to this campground is some sort of alien.

And yes, I know how crazy that sounds. But I went outside the cabin a couple nights ago, and I saw him, and he didn’t see me, and his skin did this...this THING…


It’s hard to describe. It was like he FLICKERED. Like one second he was Ranger Harris, and the next second he was...God, I didn’t know what he was. But it wasn’t human.

Plus something else weird happened earlier today, and I don’t know if it’s connected to him or not, but I don’t see how it COULDN’T be…


I was passing this other cabin, this guy and his wife are staying there, and the guy was standing on his porch-and his eyes were BLACK. Like he had oil in them. And he started talking real weird.

Sis, I don’t know what’s going on here, but I just...wanted to write all this down. In case I--well, just in case.


XCOM base, Act 5, Cellblock

June 28, 1963

Security Risk:

As I’m sure many of you are now aware, we are detaining Outsiders within this facility. Take note that within their cells they are powerless so let us take every precaution to ensure that they remain captive and harmless. If they escape it is likely they will retaliate with unrelenting force. I have stationed guards around the facility so please monitor the situation and inform the closest guard if you notice anything amiss so we can mitigate risks before they become a threat.

Thank you for your assistance,

Bruce Grundt Chief of Security

XCOM base, Act 5, Bomb lab

June 26, 1963


The humanoid “Outsiders” and the black slimes known as “Silacoids” are fascinatingly different in their physiological makeup. The Outsiders have incredibly smooth skin that seems to reflexively tighten and roughen as a force is applied to the surface, even after the specimen has been long dead. The Silacoids, on the other hand, have some sort of magnetic force holding the individual particles together. When dead, the patterns are seemingly random but as our captive specimens illustrate, they can control how their particles are aligned to control and change their shape at will. I will follow up on these experiments next week.

Robert Holloway Senior Xenobiologist

XCOM Base, Act 5, Deep lab

August 14, 1963

To My Dear Friends:

Today will be my last day here. I consider you all brilliant minds, but profoundly misguided. You poke and prod these poor creatures, but you have no heart for them. They have come here to help you, but you do nothing but torture them. I’m going off to willingly accept their gift. I think you will eventually see the light and accept your fate. I look forward to having you all join me soon.

Yours sincerely, Jonathan

XCOM base, Act 5, Sleepwalker holding area

June 25, 1963

Subjects appear to maintain the physical appearance of their former lives, with noticeable black slime pouring from facial orifices. We have been unable to determine if this slime serves a purpose, or is a byproduct of the ongoing, internal chemical reaction occurring within the host. Subjects mull about the cell or stand in place, and repeat unintelligent phrases. Attempts to communicate have all met failure.

Miriam Jones Junior Facility Researcher

Avenger, Act 6

We have established radio contact with several XCOM members back on Earth.

A small group has managed to take refuge in the wilderness and are attempting to stay out of urban areas.

Hanger 6 Notes

Hanger 6, Act 1

Agent Nicholas DaSilva will undergo an experimental test to establish a connection to an infected subject using a combination of psycho-reactive compounds and emotionally resonant environments.

Through this connection with Subject 23, we will be able to better understand the behavioral abnormalities of psychoplasmosis, and perhaps uncover a means of treatment.

I believe Agent DaSilva is the agent most qualified to assist with this unorthodox approach.

Hanger 6, Act1

The application of psycho-reactive gas in advanced psychological study is still in its infancy, and many of its results on subject’s perception have proven quite curious. Most notable is a sense of omniscience and omnipotence, matched by hallucinations of strange, almost magical, tools and weaponry.

Upon first exposure, subjects report hallucinations of distorted space and time dilation. This is often followed by a sense of disembodiment, self-awareness from an outside perspective, and even empathic projection- seeing a scene as if from someone else’s viewpoint. This is especially common when used in group studies, or between subjects with a strong pre-existing bond.

Hanger 6, Act 2


It has come to our attention that turnaround on Hangar setup is a priority for the psychooplasmosis trials. Unless the storage hangar stays organized, it will not be possible for us to respond to requests for trial layouts quickly.

As such, we are implementing a strict policy of non-admittance to Hangar No. 3, for all but staging personnel.

-Airman First Class Auseon.

Hangar 6, Act 2

Trial Plan: To prepare Subject 23 for more rigorous testing, Agent DaSilva and his team will gather and preserve the scattered elements of the subject’s sedated consciousness.

Continued and even increased resistance from the psychoplasmosis’ defenses is quite likely.

Hangar 6, Act 3

Name: Lt. Francis Edgar Donovan

Born:Feb 2, 1914 in Boston, MA to Niall and Isadore Donovan

Education: BS in History, West Point, 1939

Marital Status:Single- never married

Family: Isadore Donovan, mother- deceased 1914 Niall Donovan, father- deceased 1929 Edgar Donovan, brother (elder)- deceased 1913 James Donovan, brother (elder)- deceased 1918 Kevin Donovan, brother (elder)- deceased 1918 Maureen Abernathy, sister (elder)- deceased 1942 Isaac Abernathy, brother-in-law - deceased 1942

Professional Record: The youngest son in a long line of proud soldiers, Francis “Donnie” Donovan comes from a family with a long tradition of honor and duty. Despite losing two brothers in WW1, he signed up for the Army at an early age and served with distinction in WW2. In 1945, he returned from the Pacific from to a home with no family. After years of correspondence with an old colleague, Director Faulke offered him a position in the Bureau as a senior agent, where he has proven himself as able and valued agent.

Hangar 6, Act3

Trial Plan: With the subject’s mind safely contained and isolated, Agent DaSilva can attempt to make direct contact with the external intelligence behind the psychoplasmosis. Diplomatic contact and negotiation may be successful.

However, I suspect that as we are dealing with an unknown form of intelligence, we must be prepared for the worst.

Hangar 6, Act 4

Dr. Dresber,

I understand that your schedule is full for the near future, but I wonder if you might take some time to look over our newest weapon prototype, the Microwave Gun, and send any feedback you may have. The weapon produces a concentrated beam of microwave energy, causing molecules to rotate and build up thermal energy.

Please take care when handling the weapon. During development of the prototype, we saw a number of internal burn injuries to careless investigators. Especially regrettable was an injury sustained when an intern attempted to use the weapon to prepare food, an application of microwave technology that I do not support and, given these results, find quite dangerous.

-Dr. Chambers

Hangar 6, Act 4

Trial Plan: Further contact with intelligence known as “Mosaic” is necessary to identify its ultimate goals for humanity and the nature of its influence.

We will introduce a proxy for Subject 23, allowing Agent DaSilva to observe Mosaic’s intentions towards it, while keeping the hallucinatory defenses from interfering.

Hangar 6, Act5

Trial Plan: The connection between Mosaic and the infected appears to be quite strong, and operates via a medium that we do not entirely understand. However, it appears to operate in both directions- Mosaic giving commands to the subject and receiving stimuli from their perceptions.

With this test, we hope to introduce an additional stimulus to Subject 23 via the connection with Agent DaSilva. If successfully transmitted, this stimulus will provoke a reaction in Mosaic- indicating an ability for us to affect it from our end.

Hangar 6, act 5

Psychoplasmosis Infection Course

Psychoplasmosis infection has two distinct stages.

‘Latent’ Stage: During the first phase, subjects exhibit subtle behavioral shifts and changes in personality, making it very difficult to properly diagnose the infection. These changes range from isolation and introspection to manic paranoia or self-harm. Even in severe cases, early-stage psychoplasmosis is difficult to distinguish from mental breakdown.

‘Acute’ Stage: After some time, the patient enters a second stage. The trigger from this progression is uncertain- it may be time-based, or triggered by some external factor- but the shift is recognizable due to the sudden and constant discharge of plasmasilicate gel from eyes, nose and mouth. During this stage, the victim’s behavioral changes become much more extreme, resembling a complete psychotic break. Violence is common (seen in 19 of 23 recorded subjects), often resulting in the patient’s death.

Transmission: Long dormancy times prevent easy study of the infection’s transmission, but relatively limited spread rules out certain vectors- most notably airborne transmission or physical contact.

Treatment: No known cure.

Hangar 6, Act 5

Trial Plan: After refining our signal and increasing the amplitude, we are ready to test an “attack” on Mosaic’s psychic connection to Subject 23. We will use the highest amplitude that we can without risking Subject 23, coded into an audio-visual element to be observed by both the subject and Agent DaSilva.

The hope is that this will force Mosaic to disconnect from its victims, much like using an electrical shock to force a predator to release its prey.

Hangar 6, Act 6

As subjects become accustomed to the hallucination of omniscience, they develop a growing sense of omnipotence to match. Even in the face of difficult or unfair test conditions, they show no frustration, and perceive the tools at their disposal to improve to match these challenges. Similar delusions of ‘magical’ devices and powers have been reported, particularly by subjects who receive more concentrated doses.

One subject, when instructed to shoot a fast-moving target with a child’s toy gun, reported that over the course of the tests, the weapon slowly changed from an air rifle, to a machine gun, and finally to what he described only as ‘a gleaming weapon of pure light and power.’ Most curiously, these ‘magical transformations’ were accompanied by marked improvements to the subject’s reaction time and accuracy.

Hangar 6, Act 6

Trial Plan: After much deliberation, we have proceeded with an amplified version of the disruption signal in order to force Mosaic to disconnect.

The risk to Subject 23 is not insignificant, but not necessarily permanent, and certainly preferable to the damage inflicted by Mosaic’s control and the psychoplasmosis itself. Agent DaSilva will repeat the prior test with the modified signal, hopefully to even greater effect.

Hangar 6, Act7

Trial Plan: Outsiders have trapped us in Hangar 5.

DaSilva and team will have to break through them is order to open the path for our evacuations. (Hangar 6, act7) There is some indication that the dosage of psycho-reactive compound required to make and sustain a connection with an infected subject may cause the compound’s side effects to linger from some time after the applications of the gas.

These side effects often manifest as dizziness, confusion, and minor hallucinations. The delusions are rarely permanent, and seem to constitute no real harm to the affected subject.

Regardless, dosage size should be carefully monitored by the investigator.

Hangar 6, Act8

Trial Plan: Evacuation is underway, but enemy forces continue to attack.

DaSilva and team will hold them off while we escape.

Hangar 6, Act9

Trial Plan: Breakthrough! By increasing the number of simultaneous connections to Mosaic, we can exponentially increase the effect of our disruption signal upon it! With the addition of even a few extra infected or other strong connections, the signal’s effect on Mosaic may be enough to stun it into temporary submission and force its disconnect from ALL infected humans.

Performing this test in the presence of actual Outsiders in risky in the extreme, but the potential reward is astronomical- the cure or partial cure of all infected humans worldwide. However, if we do not attempt it, then we are wasting our last opportunity, and perhaps condemning our friends and even species to destruction. We must act, and can only pray we are successful. (Hangar 6, act9) Dr. Dresner,

Pursuant to your request for any and all prototype weapons to be deployed in defense of the Hangar No. 6 facility during evacuations- here is what we’ve got. It’s a lightning cannon that- well, it’s still a prototype. We’ve had some problems in deployment. I think I’ve fixed it, but haven’t had the opportunity to test the fix.

I truly hope to see you back at the Bureau. If not, it’s been a pleasure, and a challenge, working with you.


-Dr. Murphy