Incubator Chamber

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The Incubator is a warm and humid collection of chambers in which Alien eggs are stored ready for
hatching. They will be well protected by Alien warriors because of their vulnerability at this
stage of the life cycle. You should also expect to meet many Multiworms preparing to give birth to
the Hyperworm vermin which burst from the innards of their parents in their final death agony.


The Incubator Chamber contains Alien Eggs. These Eggs are held at an exact temperature inside
Incubators providing an environment for the Eggs to hatch at an optimum rate. Research reveals
that a number of Incubators exist, they must all be destroyed.

Some incubators will be underground. Incubators release a large amount of stun gas when destroyed, so lay Vortex Mines with a long fuse and be well out of the area when they go up, especially if in an enclosed space.

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