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In General

Incursion Strength (IS) is a measure of the number of aliens that will be sent to each mission. Higher incursion strengths means more aliens on missions.

Incursion Strength increases as XCOM performs well and decreases if they perform poorly.

Effect of Incursion Strength

The effect of Incursion Strength is directly increasing the number of aliens on all non-scripted missions.

Number of Aliens = Base Number * Incursion Strength/100
Percent Chance for an additional alien pod = 2 * (Incursion Strength - 100)

Increasing and Decreasing Incursion Strength

Incursion Strength starts at 100 and can be modified as follows:

Event Incursion Strength modification
XCOM successfully completes a mission +2 (modified by campaign length)
A UFO is destroyed in the air +1 (modified by campaign length)
A soldier dies with a rank greater than the number of months passed -4 (modified by campaign length)
A soldier dies with a rank greater than SGT (does not stack with previous) -2 (modified by campaign length)
An XCOM unit dies (does not stack with previous two) -1 (modified by campaign length)
An aircraft is lost -2 (modified by campaign length)
A country is lost to the aliens -10
Every day Incursion Strength moves towards 100: There is an x% chance to move 1 closer to 100 at the end of each day where x is twice the absolute value of (Incursion Strength - 100)
  • Incursion Strength is constrained to a range of 70-120, 80-130, 90-140, 100-150 on difficulties easy, classic, brutal, and impossible, respectively.
  • Incursion Strength at or over 120 will be denoted with an additional + sign on landed UFO, terror, and abduction missions

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