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X-Com Apocalypse is the third released game in the X-Com series, released by Mythos Games in 1997.

X-Com Apocalypse Versions

There are two versions of the game:

  • The original game released on compact disk, made for DOS (obsolete).
  • A digital version of the original game available for download, for compatibility in Windows XP and others.

An old game updated to work in Windows may still have issues with the newest operating systems. Some digital downloads may have errors (DOS or Pentium types) within the programs files . Check before playing: It is an easy fix.

Operating Systems

  • DOS 5.0 (or better)
  • Windows (x86 32-bit)

System Requirements


  • 486 DX/4 (100MHz minimum)
  • 8MB RAM (16MB RAM if running under Windows 95)
  • Quad-speed CD-ROM Drive
  • Hard drive (20MB free)
  • MSDEX 2.2 or higher
  • MS-DOS 5.0 or higher
  • SVGA 640x480x256 Colors (VESA required)
  • Microsoft Mouse driver v8.20 or higher


  • Pentium 90MHz or better
  • 16MB RAM
  • Hard drive (60MB free)

Sound Cards Supported

  • Sound Blaster and 100% compatibles
  • Microsoft Sound System
  • ESS Audio Drive
  • ProAudio Spectrum
  • Ensoniq Soundscape
  • Gravis UltraSound


Mythos Games Ltd.

Game Design
Julian Gollop

Lead Programmer
Nick Gollop

Dave Bostock
Thaddaeus Frogley
Julian Gollop
Andy Greene

Map Editor
Ian Tory
Simon Watson

Product Manager
Helmut Watson

Lead Map Designers
Jason Grace
Steve Moorhouse
Mark Simmons

Map Designers
Phil Davies
Dave Kemsley
Dave Moore
Kevin Tucker
Marc Walton
David R. Watson
Helmut Watson
Karli Watson


Art Coordinator
Guy Jeffries

Peter Austin
Guy Jeffries
Erol Kentli
Matthew Knott
Martin Severn
Greg Shill
Kevin Wicks

Additional Art
Jane Barnett
Nick Cook
Gavin Cooper
Edward Garnier
Terry Greer
Pietro Lantro
Julian Madle
Andrew Morriss
Drew Northcott
Amanda Roberts
Jonathan Rowe
Martin Smillie
Paul Truss
Paul Varney

3D Scanning
Steve Edwards

Alien World and Models Designed by
Tim White

Music and Sound Designed and Produced by
John Broomhall

Lead Composer
Richard Wells

Additional Music
Dave Punshon
John Broomhall

Sound Design
Steve Cowell for PC Music Ltd.

Audio Post Production
Matt Vowles for Sprockets and Bytes

Vocal Artists
Valentina Britten
Edward Garnier
Julian Holman
Drew Northcott
Patrice Stauder

Additional Audio Engineering
Darren Lambourne
Martin Severn

A/V Systems incorporate HMI's Sound Operating System and RAD Software's Smacker Video Technology

Marc Curtis
Guy Jeffries

Quality Assurance Manager
Andrew Luckett

Lead Quality Assurance
Darren Kirby

Quality Assurance
Matt Bridges
Chris Briggs
Paul Coppins
Martin Crompton
Anton Lorton
Daniel Luton
Philip McDonnell
Neil McEwan
Stuart Poole
Stewart Stanyard
James Toghill
Donald Witcombe

Alameda, CA Compatibility Group
William Hom
Hoi Nguyen
Khoi Nguyen

U.S. Quality Assurance Lead
Stewart Stanyard

U.S. Quality Assurance
Anthony Constantino XXVII
Christopher Evans
Steve Head
Stewart Holbrook
Brian M. King
Jeffrey Wilkinson

Manual Author/Editor
Justin Manning

Managing Editor
Alkis Alkiviades

Manual Artwork
Jessica Crawley

Senior Product Manager
Adrian Turner

U.S. Product Manager
Tom Nichols

Grant Dean
Steve Goss
James Hawkins
Stuart Whyte

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