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A 3rd person 3D arcade game, developed by MicroProse, where you are the combat robot named Enforcer. Your objective is to save people and kill aliens at more then 30 different levels. However, this game lacks a storyline and isn't related to X-Com at all.


The game is set during the First Alien War in 1999. Unmentioned in the storyline as played out by UFO: Enemy Unknown, funding was being provided to a program tasked with creating the ultimate robot warrior and led by a Professor Able Standard. However, owing to funding cuts by nations involved with the X-COM program, they were forced to abandon the project. Professor Standard refused to stop the project, carrying it on in secret in the Nevada desert. On completion, Enforcer was unleashed on the invading alien hordes.

Set during the first alien war, the game follows Enforcer as he defeats alien forces throughout the United States, including several special alien creations aimed to destroy him. In the end, Able Standard discovers the alien mothership, which is behind the recent attacks on Earth. It is about to unleash an attack on Earth, and only Enforcer can stop it. Even though the professor is mortally wounded by aliens, he, in his last moments, sends Enforcer through a teleport right to the mothership. Eventually this leads to a showdown with a cloaked alien leader known as "High Ethereal", who taunts the Enforcer, and after the Ethereal is defeated the mothership self-destructs and Enforcer is jettisoned into space, with the scientist's dying words echoing through its mind before fading to black.

System Requirements


  • Windows 95/98/ME
  • Pentium 233MHz with hardware acceleration, Pentium 266MHz w/o acceleration
  • 32MB RAM
  • 8x CD-ROM Drive
  • Hard drive (500MB free)
  • 4MB Windows 95/98/ME compatible SVGA video card (DirectX 8.0 compatible)
  • 1MB Windows 95/98/ME compatible sound card (DirectX 8.0 compatible)
  • DirectX v8.0 (included) or higher
  • 56kbps modem (for internet play)


  • Windows 95/98/ME
  • Pentium 400MHz with hardware acceleration
  • 64MB RAM or higher
  • 8x CD-ROM Drive
  • Hard drive (500MB free)
  • 3D Accelerator (Voodoo, TNT, GeForce families) video card
  • 1MB Windows 95/98/ME compatible sound card (DirectX 8.0 compatible)
  • DirectX v8.0 (included) or higher
  • Broadband Internet Connection (for internet play)


Hunt Valley Studio
Infogrames Interactive

Martin DeRiso

Lead Programmer/Designer
Will Gee

Chris Esko
Joe Romano
Beipei Shi

Hunt Valley QA Team
X-COM Enforcer Team

HV Art Director
Murray Taylor

Lead Artist
David Thompson

Level Designers
Kevin Boehm
Charlie Shenton
Jeff Skalski
Chad Steingraber

David Austin
Matt Bell
Todd Bilger
Evan Brown
Jim Crawley
Erik Ehoff
Kat Garcia
Bob Kathman
Sam Laskowski
Chun Lu
Barb Miller
Nurray Taylor

Roland Rizzo

Gary Spinrad

X-COM Guru
Chris Clark

Martin DeRiso
with Hunt Valley

Enforcer and Boss Voice Talent
Gary Spinrad

Professor Voice Talent
Andrew Thatcher

Human Voice Talent
Ellie Crawley
Jim Crawley
Jason Gleason
Stacey Tranter

Joe Walbeck

Q.A. Manager
Mark Gutknecht

Q.A. Leads
Barry Caudill

Doug Atwell
Ellie Crawley
Ty Fleet
Grant Frazier
Jason Gleason
Rex Martin
Tim McCracken
Steve Purdie
Sal Saccheri
Jeff Smith
Joe Walbeck
Shawn Walbeck

Beverly Office
Infogrames Interactive

Product Manager
Matt Collins

Director of Marketing
Mark Goodreau

Manager of Creative Services
Steve Martin

Manager of Editorial & Documentation Services
Elizabeth Mackney

Graphic Designers
Paul Anselmi
Morgan Tomaiolo

Manual Editor
Mark Russell

Paul Collin

Director of Quality Assurance
Michael Craighead

Q.A. Certification Manager
Kurt Boutin

Q.A. Certification Lead
Jonathan Chmura

Q.A. Manager
Andrew Luckett

Q.A. Supervisor
Dan Luton

Hardware Compatibility Testing Lab
Alan Clark
Chris Knaggs
Matthew Nation
Ian Palfrey

Q.A. Testing Managers
Bill Carroll
Randy Lee

Charles Lane

Special Thanks
Chris Bowling
Christopher Coon
Alex Delucia
Adrian Scotney
HV Alliance Team
UK Alliance Team
Peter Matiss & Mitch Soule @ RAD Game Tools
Liam Byrne & Carlo Vogelsang @ Creative Labs
Jarrod Phillips & Chip Moesher & Co. @ h0use of m0ves
Cyke @ Alliance-X
Richard & Dave @ PCTEST

XCOM Enforcer reuses assets from Alliance

XCOM Alliance Aliens XCOM Alliance Aliens XCOM Alliance Aliens XCOM Alliance Aliens XCOM Alliance Aliens XCOM Alliance Aliens XCOM Alliance Aliens XCOM Alliance Aliens XCOM Alliance Aliens XCOM Alliance Aliens XCOM Alliance Aliens XCOM Alliance Aliens XCOM Alliance Aliens XCOM Alliance Aliens XCOM Alliance Aliens

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