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Terror From The Deep (TFTD) is the sequel to UFO: Enemy Unknown/X-COM: UFO Defense. It continues the story 40 years from where the last game left off with a new enemy appearing from the seas. The new attacks result in X-COM being resurrected to handle the new threat. With obvious inspiration taken from the works of science fiction authors such as Jules Verne and particularly H.P. Lovecraft, the game has a creepy and perhaps even more alien atmosphere.

Terror from the Deep is built on the same game engine as UFO Defense. On the surface it appears to be a straight graphic and sound replacement with a few new gimmicks such as underwater restrictions, door opening and melee weapons. There are in fact many internal changes - such as how weapon damage rolls are calculated - that allow TFTD to stand apart from its predecessor and not simply be a clone. Game play is just as challenging as it was in first title but is particularly rough on players at the beginning.

As a bid to cash in on the unexpected success of its predecessor, a new development team quickly put together TFTD while the team that developed UFO Defense moved on to make X-COM: Apocalypse. As TFTD was rushed, many programming errors as well as storyline inconsistencies were left in the conversion. Though the game is still playable, it does not allow for a very smooth ride for the player without some assistance or research.

Note: X-COM Wiki contains extensive data about X-COM UFO. A large portion of the content covered in UFO: Enemy Unknown/X-COM: UFO Defense will apply to TFTD as well, with TFTD-specific information highlighted where appropriate.

Demo Text

The following intro and outro text is from the demo version of Terror From The Deep.


Cydonia crumbles, the Aliens have been destroyed, banished from the Solar 
system. Mars is cleansed and the Earth saved by a triumphant X-Com. 
But the mighty Alien war machine, even in its death throes, reaches across 
the void to awaken an ancient, sleeping, enemy. 
Deep in the world's oceans things begin to stir. Vast, dormant, computers 
flicker into life and an ancient enemy awakens.
Dateline January 2nd 2040: 
X-Com has long been disbanded, the world has changed. An ineffectual 
UN stands on the brink of collapse as an undreamt of horror rises from the 
oceans. Attacking only sea based sites at first, the insidious Alien threat 
begins to drain resources from around the world. Ever bolder the aquatic 
army begins to march upon the land, a hastily reformed X-Com finds itself 
pitted against a wise and powerful foe. The depths hold terrors that have 
lurked on the brink of human consciousness for aeons. 
Be afraid, the deep ones are coming, the Alien awakes. 
Launch powerful intercept subs to scour the globe for Alien 
activity. X-Com employs the latest dual mode flying subs, from noted 
manufacturers SUB-AM and British Hydrospace. The powerful Barracuda 
is one of the key craft in our front line defences against the Aliens.  Once  
an Alien sub has been forced down send in the enormous Triton submarines 
loaded with combat hardened aquanauts and state of the art weapons.
X-Com will have to counter these Aliens with new technology: 
weapons for aquatic warfare, flying submarines, and floating bases round 
the world. Encounter alien vessels as they race through the seas, recover 
advanced alien technology and battle strange sea dwelling creatures. Guide 
X-Com aquanauts through numerous aquatic terrains and land attack sites 
as the Aliens strive to pillage the world before unleashing their final assault.


The battle has only just begun, the Aliens are prepared to fight hard 
to claim the Earth for their own. Use the World's resources and the 
latest technologies to arm yourself in the war to end all wars. 
As the action unfolds you get the chance to research Alien technology and 
strategies. The fully equipped floating X-COM bases are able to 
manufacture new equipment to meet the challenge of the vast Alien 
invasion. Develop a crack team of aquanauts and discover the truth behind 
the Alien plot. Explore the ocean depths from the warm corals of Australia 
to the impenetrable cold of the Arctic Ocean. 
No Alien world could be as strange and deadly as the oceans of Earth 
and no horror more shocking than the grisly Alien plan. 


  • DOS 1.0, 1.2
  • Windows CE
  • Playstation (PAL format)

System Requirements


  • 386 (33MHz minimum)
  • 4MB RAM
  • Hard drive (60MB free, game alone)
  • MS-DOS 5.0 or higher
  • VGA Graphics
  • Microsoft Mouse driver v8.01 or higher


  • 486 (50MHz) or better
  • 8MB RAM
  • Hard drive (63MB free, game + manuals)
  • SVGA Graphics


Primary Credits (DOS, Windows)

Game Design
Stephen Goss

Bill Barna
Annette Bell
Nick Thompson

Additional Programming
Scott Johnston

Original Game Engine
Julian & Nick Gollop

Guy Jeffries
Matthew Knott
Drew Northcott
Martin Severn
Martin Smillie

Additional Art
Paul Ayliffe
Nick Cook
Edward Garnier
Terry Greer
Justin Manning
Amanda Roberts
Paul Truss
The Conversion Company

Intro Sequence
Nick Cook
Stephen Goss
Drew Northcott
Greg Shill

Art Liaison
Matthew Knott

Original Music
John Broomhall

Sound Design and Programming
Andrew Parton

Sound Effects Design
Allister Brimble

Jason Avent
Richard Bakewell
Marc Curtis
Matthew Knott
Amanda Roberts
Andrew Williams

Quality Assurance
Chris Bowling
Russell Clark
Don Emmel
Damon Harris
Jim Hendry
Darren Kirby
Andrew Luckett
Daniel Luton
Justin Manning
Andy Mazurek
Philip McDonnell
Mike Richardson
Jason Sampson
Vaughn Thomas
Don Witcombe
Peter Woods

Manual Author/Editor (UK)
Nick Stokes

Editor (US)
Christine Manley

Managing Editor & Story
Alkis Alkiviades

Layout (US)
Joe Morel
Cesar Novoa

Additional Writing
Andrew Wawrowski

Sarah Kerr

Brand Manager
Valentina Britten

Stuart Whyte

Paul Hibbard
Pete Moreland

Special Thanks To
Valentina Britten
Julian Gollop
Nick Gollop
Paul Hibbard-Teall
Peter Moreland
the Aliens

Additional Credits (Playstation)

Stephen Goss

Playstation Programming
Andy Cook
Darren Hebden
Simeon Pashley

Audio Producer
John Broomhall

Sound Designer
Allister Brimble

Andrew Luckett

Lead Tester
Stuart Poole

Martin Crompton
Daniel Luton
James Toghill

French Testing
Patrice Stauder

German Testing
Anthony Lorton

Mike Rudderham

Product Marketing
Adrian Turner

Manual Writing/Editor
Alkis Alkiviades

Manual Layout
Sarah Kerr

Thanks To
Tim Cannell
Nick Cook
Julian Gollop
Nick Gollop
Matthew Knott

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