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UFO2000 is a free open source turn based strategy multiplayer game. Although it uses a new engine it was originally based on UFO Defense's data files, thus it is heavily influenced by it.

The game is written in portable C++ and has versions available for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD. The beta versions also support 64-bit Linux (on amd64) and MacOS X.

The current stable version (0.6.627) still requires the UFO Defense Demo files to work but the latest beta version (0.8.1031) does not require them anymore. The current goal is to create a completely new game while supporting the original X-COM (with an option to use the original graphics) and mods developed by players.

A complete list of all contributions to the project can be seen on UFO2000 Authors and links for the project homepage are available on UFO2000 Links.

Stable vs. Beta

This is a summary from the main differences regarding the latest stable (0.6.627) and the latest betas:

- Flying units added.

- Ethereal, Snakeman and Floater added.

- New Moon Base terrain.

- Ability to add new weapon sets and new UFO2000 default weapon set.

- Several new skins for units (Zombie, Soldier, Lunar Suit).

- New animations for weapons, adding to the old UFO ones.

- New control panel.

- New loading screen and background.

- Geoscape demo.

- Night combat.

- And several more changes.

Features from X-COM not yet implemented

- HWPs and Terror Units.

- X-COM Planes and UFOs.

- Strategic mode (Geoscape_Overview).

- Single player mode.

- Blaster Launchers and Psi-Amps

- Medi-kits, Motion Scanners, Electroflares