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Email XCOM (excom) was a play-by-email game from Hasbro Interactive that used the character concepts of X-COM and the tile-based gameplay of Rebelstar. All turns had to be registered on the server, which has been retired. See the links below on how to play without the server.


World of Stuart has an introduction and patches.

Wikipedia article

Utilities including editor and server bypass on the former XCommand site.

E-Mail X-COM Tips


Hasbro Interactive Development Team

Adrian Scotney

Pete Austin
Drew Northcott
Jonathon Rowe

Mapping and Design
Pete Austin
Marc Curtis
Rab Letham
Drew Northcott

John Broomhall
Darren Lambourne

The Write Stuff
John Possidente

Special Thanks
Byron Schubert @ Xcommand

Hasbro Interactive

Tom Dusenberry

Ken Megill

Product Manager
Scott Schaier

Executive Producer
Mike Glosecki

Creative Director
David Walls

Director of Business Development
John Sutyak

V.P. Research and Development
Tony Parks

V.P. of Technology
Rich Reily

Director of Quality Assurance
Michael Craighead

Q.A. Manager
Kurt Boutin

Q.A. Supervisor
Andy Mazurek

Testers, Beverly
Jake Hopkins (Lead)
Mark Huggins
Jen Kaczor
Jason King
Randy Lee
Dan McJilton
John Silvius

Testers, Hunt Valley
Mike Davidson (Lead)
Grant Frazier
Jason Gleason
Brad Hoppenstein
Charles Lane
Jason Lego
Brandon Martin
Shawn Walbeck

Testers, Chipping Sodbury
Darren Kirby (Lead)
Pete Austin
Darren Bates
Alan Clarke
Lee Evans
Phil Gilbert
Andrew Luckett
Eric Manktelow
Matt Nation
Andrew Stainer
Tim Stokes
Darren Williams

General Manager, Marketing
John Hurlbut

Director of Marketing
Gale Steiner

Director of Marketing Services
George Burtch

Channel Marketing Director
Tim Evans

Channel Marketing Manager
Sarah McIlroy

Director of Public Relations
Laura Tomasetti

Creative Services Director
Steve Webster

Creative Services Manager
Kathryn Lynch

Art Director
Steve Martin

Editorial Specialist
Elizabeth Mackney

Documentation Manager
John Possidente

Manager of Technical Services
Tony Moreira

Director of Operations
Bob Sadacca

Operations and Special Projects Manager
Tracy Kureta

Legal and Finance
Linda Ferros
Donna Mahan
Laurel Marchessault

Hasbro Interactive Worldwide

Managing Director
Tim Christian

Creative Director
Steve Cross

Head of Localization
Sam Baker

VR-1, Inc. (Server Development)

Mike Rooks

Marc Plumb

Lead Programmer
Alexander Chekhovtsov

Alexander Doudorov
Robert LaCruise
Andriy Zolotoiy
Denis Tumpic

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