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Innate or Grown-In or Built-In weapons are permanently attached to certain alien lifeforms or security stations. They cannot be picked up, or recovererd for research.

Grown-In Weapons

These weapon icons are seen if an alien is mind-controlled.

  • Any lifeform which uses a grown-in weapon does not have an inventory. They cannot use anything else.
  • The stated range of these grown-in weapons does not match the actual tested in-game range.
  • Fire Rate is approximated to the nearest 0.1second:
{36 ÷ fire rate} = how many shots per second
  • Accuracy is for the weapon only.
  • All weapons, besides the Popper's explosive butt-bomb, recharge.
  • The Popper will detonate when it is next to its target (normal behaviour) or LMB on its weapon for instant explosion (mind controlled). It is a one-shot effect and does not use range, fire rate or projectile speed.
  • The alien's Mind Bender when used, is identical to the actual Marsec Mind Bender.
  • The Spitter and Queenspawn use the same weapon icon but have different weapon attributes.
  • The Queenspawn uses another type of attack if hostiles are adjacent. "Tentacle Whip". There is no data for this type.

Entropy Enzyme
Damage Icon

Multiworm Egg
  • Power: 30
  • Damage Type: Enzyme
  • Range (stated): 11.25 cells
  • Range (in-game): 7 cells
  • Projectile Speed: 12
  • Fire Rate (seconds): 40 (0.9)
  • Accuracy: 88%

  • Power: 36
  • Damage Type: Enzyme
  • Range: (stated) 16.25 cells
  • Range (in-game): 11 cells
  • Projectile Speed: 12
  • Fire Rate (seconds): 28 (1.3)
  • Accuracy: 88%

  • Power: 40
  • Damage Type: Armor Piercing Bite
  • Range (stated): 3.125 cells
  • Range (in-game): 3 cells
  • Projectile Speed: 12
  • Fire Rate (seconds): 35 (1)
  • Accuracy: 90%

  • Power: 34
  • Damage Type: Enzyme
  • Range (stated): 24 cells
  • Range (in-game): 16 cells
  • Projectile Speed: 12
  • Fire Rate (seconds): 52 (0.7)
  • Accuracy: 75%

  • Power: 130
  • Damage Type: Explosive
  • Blast Radius: 5 cells
  • Fire Rate: one-shot only

  • Power: 70
  • Damage Type: Disruptor Beam
  • Range (stated): 62.5 cells
  • Range (in-game): 41 cells
  • Projectile Speed: 26
  • Fire Rate (seconds): 60 (0.6)
  • Accuracy: 75%

  • Power: 100
  • Damage Type: Explosive
  • Damage Radius: 7 cells
  • Range (stated): 87.5 cells
  • Range (in-game): 59 cells
  • Projectile Speed: 15
  • Tracking Turn Rate: 30º/sec
  • Fire Rate (seconds): 110 (0.3)
  • Accuracy: 85%

Micronoid Aggregate

  • Power: 255
  • Damage Type: Enzyme
  • Range (stated): 56.25 cells
  • Range (in-game): 36 cells
  • Projectile Speed: 4
  • Fire Rate (seconds): 64 (0.6)
  • Accuracy: 100%

Error: the Hyperworms "Bite" is a short ranged projectile.
Mis-match: the Megaspawn's disruptor appears to be larger than the launcher.

Range Discrepancy

Visual range of any unit is 24 cells maximum. If any alien visually detects a target, others out of visual range, but within (their individual in-game) weapon range may also engage if there is clear line to fire. A targeted entity does not need to be seen by all since others beyond visual range will know where to aim.

Other Aliens

  • Brainsucker does not have a usable weapon. It has a special attack which cannot be used by X-Com when it is mind controlled.
  • Chrysalis is unarmed.
  • Anthropod and Skeletoid use an inventory. They do not have grown-in weapons.

Built-In Weapons

Security Stations have four turrets each with a single weapon built in. The weapon used is identical to the hand-held option.


A single turret is mounted on a pedestal and if destroyed, the turret can remain in the air. Any weapon attributes (accuracy, rate of fire, range etc.) is identical to the hand held weapon with the turret mechanism being classed as an autonomous entity (Real-Time) which has its own health/constitution of 500 and an armor value of 35 for all parts: Head/Body/Left Arm/Right Arm/Legs/Under.

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