Innate Weapons (TFTD)

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Innate Weapons

Innate weapons, or built-in weapons are attached to X-Com SWS and Alien Terror Units. This section lists the data for all of the innate weapons found in the Terror From The Deep game executables.

Note: All accuracy values are the base value before they are modified by the unit attributes and difficulty level modifiers.

Innate Weapons (TFTD)
BigObs Index Used by Damage Snap Acc% Snap TU% Auto Acc% Auto TU% Aimed Acc% Aimed TU% Waypoint
4 / 0x04 Coelacanth/Gas Cannon 60 AP1 60 30 0 0 90 80 No
12 / 0x0C Coelacanth/Aqua Jet 85 HE1 55 45 0 0 115 75 No
17 / 0x11 Coelacanth/Gauss 110 Gauss 50 33 0 0 85 75 No
36 / 0x24 Displacer/Sonic


110 Sonic1 86 30 0 0 100 60 No
40 / 0x28 Displacer/PWT 140 HE 0 0 0 0 1202 802 Yes
38 / 0x26 Unused3 140 Electric Shock 75 30 0 0 110 60 No
34 / 0x22 Xarquid 130 Sonic 75 30 0 0 110 60 No
34 / 0x22 Deep One4 100 Gauss5 75 30 50 35 110 60 No

1 These values do not agree with their numbers reported in the Ufopedia.
2: These values are not used by the Displacer/PWT. Instead the costs for waypoint weapons are used. 66% TUs and 60% accuracy respectively.
3: This weapon slot formerly belonged to the Celatid. It is not attached to any aliens.
4: When controlled by the AI and if the selected unit is a Deep One, thrown weapon physics will be applied to this weapon's projectile, treating the projectile as an object with a weight of 10. This allows the projectile to be fired over obstacles like a grenade. Under player control, the standard straight-line targeting will be used.
5: This damage type is correct.

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