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A comprehesive list of all keyboard and mouse commands.

print this page for future reference "Alt-Shft-P"

Keyboard And Mouse

These basic key presses are typical for computer players using a US-version keyboard and may not be the same for a UK-version keyboard, different computer formats (eg: Mac), smart-phone users, game consoles, emulators, etc.

  • LMB = Left mouse button.
  • RMB = Right mouse button.
  • Ctrl = Control keyboard button.
  • Shft = Shift keyboard button.
  • Alt = Alt keyboard button.
  • SB = Spacebar keyboard button.
  • BKSP = Backspace keyboard button.
  • key1 + key2 or key1 - key2 = press and hold key1, press key2, release both simultaneously.
  • key1 + drag = press and hold key1 and move mouse to new area, release key1.

Windows Commands (Universal)

  • Alt-Tab = swap window / show desktop, or
  • Hold Alt and press Tab repeatedly to scroll window selection, release both.
  • Alt-Enter = maximise screen if windowed.
  • LMB in any scroll bar = move selector box to here.

Tool-Tips appear if resting the mouse cursor over something, if available.

Universal Commands

  • Enter = confirm action.
  • ESC = disregard action.
  • F1 = UFOpaedia menu.
  • RMB on icon = its UFOpaedia entry.
  • TAB = swap view (citscape and battlescape) to overhead or isometric.
  • Alt+P = screenshot as a PCX file, 8-bit colour, 640x480 size

Filename format: XCOM0.pcx to XCOMZ.pcx within root folder. A total of 34 screenshots is possible. To enable more screenshots, move old screenshots out of root folder to somewhere else. Any new screenshots will use the same filename format - don't accidently overwrite old ones!

Time Controls

Cityscape is always Real-Time whereas combat can be chosen: Real-Time (RT) or Turn-Based (TB).

  • 0 ↔ 5 = time controls.
  • SB = pause or resume time.


  • RMB = center overhead view here.
  • O = options page.
  • ESC = quit game.
  • Enter = highlight last message location.

Cityscape Building And Agent Selection

  • LMB on a cityscape building or base = displays X-Com's presence, if any (Agents and/or Vehicles).

then (LMB or RMB do the same thing):

  • LMB on vehicle name = un/highlights all agents within vehicle.
  • LMB on agent name = un/highlight single agent.
  • LMB+drag on agent name = highlight multiple agents.
  • LMB+drag on agent icon = move all highlighted agents between multiple landed vehicles or to place them in the building's home-cell (home-cell = the building's name, left side if screen). Caution with alien chambers.
  • LMB on agent icon = agent inventory screen (same as right side button: "Equip Agent").
  • LMB on vehicle icon = vehicle equipment screen (same as right side button: "Equip Vehicle").

Top-right side of screen:

  • LMB "pink alien face" button = search building ("Investigate building for alien activity").
  • LMB "red building" button = raid building.

⊗ If multiple agents are travelling through the city on foot with multiple destinations, and if wanting to collect a few of them, LMB only on each person-icon within the cityscape. The Ctrl button (select multiple units) is not needed since the selected agents will be all highlighted as one grouping in the Agent Tab. The limit of 13 in any temporary grouping still applies.

Tab Bar - Cityscape View

Placing the mouse cursor over any icon will display the objects name, if not, check Options page for Tooltips.

Bases Tab

  • Double LMB on base outline = highlight and center selected base on cityscape.
  • LMB crane icon = build new base.

Agent And Vehicle Tabs

  • Double LMB on icon = highlight and center selected subject on cityscape.
  • Ctrl-LMB = select multiple (max 13).
  • RMB = remove from temporary group.
  • Ctrl-LMB = add waypoint (onto cityscape section, see below: Cityscape Waypoints).
  • Shft-LMB = go to building (onto cityscape section).

Vehicle Tab

  • M = manual vehicle control of selected vehicle. (see below: Manual Control).
  • Alt-LMB = attack building or vehicle.
  • LMB on weapon icon (if armed) = enable/disable weapon only on selected (yellow border) vehicle.

Using the "Go To Map Point" function with road vehicles: if the final destination is placed exactly over a road, the vehicle may stop, if not, it will drive in circles (patrol) around the general area.

Organisation Tab

  • LMB each organisation icon (repeatedly) = centers view to show owned buildings (isometric view) or (overhead view) highlights buildings owned using various colours indicating relations.

Base Screen

  • LMB on the base name to rename it. (maximum title width or 18 characters).
  • LMB on constructed facility = destroy option.
  • LMB+Hold on facility icon (at bottom) = move facility into corridor layout to commence building.
  • LMB on yellow buildings on mini-map or LMB on base outline, top left = select different base.

Buy/Sell Screen

  • Cursor Up/Down = scroll buy/sell list.
  • LMB+Hold left/right arrows (not cursor keys) = move quantity selector box rapidly.

Equip Screen


  • LMB on agent name (left side) = change name (maximum title width or 24 characters).
  • Ctrl-LMB agent icon = select multiple (no quantity limit).
  • LMB+Hold on equipment = move equipment. ⊗
  • TAB = changes attributes mini-screen.
  • A = switch to armor screen.
  • E = switch to equipment screen.

Attributes bars: exact value shown as tooltip.
⊗ To remove all items quickly (except armor pieces), LMB-Drag each equipment icon onto chest area of agent instead of the longer movement towards the bottom screen section.


  • LMB on vehicle name = change name (maximum title width or 24 characters).
  • 1 = Select GUNS screen.
  • 2 = Select ENGINES screen.
  • 3 = Select DEVICES screen.

Note: single vehicle at a time - multiple vehicle selection (Ctrl-LMB) does not work.



  • PgUp = go up one view level in elevation.
  • PgDn = go down one view level in elevation.
  • Home = center on selected unit.


  • RMB (agents static) = turn to face a new direction.
  • RMB (agents moving) = cancel a move order.
  • Alt-LMB = move-to-here when destination is already occupied by another unit.
  • F2 = crawl
  • F3 = walk
  • F4 = run
  • BKSP = kneel
  • Ctrl-LMB = add waypoint (maximum 5).
  • LMB Click+Drag cursor over units on the battlescape = select multiple agents.
  • J-LMB in the air next to the ledge or railing = jump off/over something. (A unit should be next to railing/ledge otherwise they may find an alternative route to get down)


  • F9 = safe
  • F10 = cautious
  • F11 = agressive


  • RMB on a non X-Com unit = highlight as a target for all selected agents (see nelow: Hold Fire Forced Fire) .
  • Shft-LMB = force fire at this cursor location.
  • F5 = hold fire
  • F6 = aimed shot
  • F7 = snap shot
  • F8 = auto shot


  • RMB on explosive item in hand = set Detonate On Impact when thrown or dropped.
  • [ = instantly drop item in left hand.
  • ] = instantly drop item in right hand.
  • ' = ready to throw item in left hand.
  • \ = ready to throw item in right hand.
  • ENTER = display inventory sxreen of selected agent.
  • Y/N = accept/decline current timer/range setting on explosive device.

Pickup Up Range

An agent can pick up items off the ground within a 3x3 square when using the inventory screen. They do not need to stand directly over the item.

Cityscape Waypoints

Waypoints may be given to airbourne or road vehicles.

  • Switch to overhead view.
  • Give a vehicle a target destination (this can include "Attack" command).
  • LMB "Go To Map Point" button.
  • Ctrl+LMB somewhere on the overhead cityscape to add a waypoint(s), release.
  • The yellow line shows the new travel path.
  • Close the mini screen with the "X", if it appeared.

Hold Fire Forced Fire

If hold fire is used (the "X" in shot types), but something needs to be shot:

  • click LMB on agents weapon in their hand, white outline, click LMB on anything or
  • hold down shift, click LMB on anything.

Constant fire is possible if you hold down LMB.
There is an error for an agent's actions if the target was previously selected via RMB.

Manual Control

  • PgUp = Increase Speed
  • PgDn = Decrease Speed
  • Home = Increase Altitude (flying), U-Turn (road)
  • End = Decrease Altitude (flying) , Swap lanes(road)
  • LMB = aim weapon at cursor and fire
  • RMB = set direction