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Simple steps to play OpenApoc on Windows right now

  1. Acquire X-Com Apocalypse original game CD, or an image/archive of that.
    • you need have all files in ISO file including MUSIC etc
    • if it's in .iso format, rename it to "cd.iso"
    • if it's not, copy all the contents into a folder and rename the folder to "cd.iso"
  2. Download: visit
    • If you see a green latest build then you can get it, if it's not then go to HISTORY at the top and click another build that's green
    • Click Platform x64 (or Win32 if you need 32bit binaries)
    • Click ARTIFACTS
    • Download the first option (without "debug" in it)
    • Unzip downloaded file which will create a new folder with everything from us inside
  3. Put cd.iso (image or folder) into data folder inside OpenApoc folder
  4. Run and enjoy!


If you're getting blank buttons in the main menu, most likely your system's native language is not english. OpenApoc already has translations in multiple languages, but doesn't have the fonts yet. Therefore, you will have to set it to english to work for now.

Steps to change language to English

  1. Create file named "OpenApoc_settings.conf" inside OpenApoc folder.
  2. Put these two strings of text in it and save:
  1. Next time you launch OpenApoc, you'll be all set!​

To make a full screen

  1. Put these lines of text into a config file and save:

To disable the intro movie

  1. Put these lines of text into a config file and save:
SkipIntro = 1

When you want to try out a newer version

  1. Just repeat steps 2-4 above. At this time, better use a new folder and delete the old one every time you update, as an in-place update may bug out in some way.​

Take note, this will be edited once the game is out