Interrogate Muton Elite (EU2012)

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Codename = Gomorrah

Pre-Interrogate Muton Elite

I'm amazed we were able to capture one of the master aliens' bodyguards alive... It probably has a broad understanding of the invaders' weapon systems and tactics.

Source: XCOM Enemy Unknown Choose Research Text

Interrogate Muton Elite Report

Although similar in general appearance to the Muton species our troops have battled in the field, this particular captive is different. We've seen evidence of an inherent intellectual capacity not found in the other variants, and we believe this "Elite" Muton serves a more defined role within the invasion force. The captive's sheer physical power and increased savvy made its interrogation both dangerous and exhilarating. After establishing an enhanced security protocol to deal with the risks involved, we began the interrogation process using our previously established techniques. As it turns out, this captive had the distinct honor of serving as a guard within the alien force, and had a complete understanding of the various weapon systems available to the invaders. With this knowledge in hand, I believe this information will greatly reduce the time we spend researching and developing these advanced new weapons.

Source: XCOM Enemy Unknown Interrogate Muton Elite Research Report

Research Credit = Weapons Technology
Benefits from South America's Bonus "We Have Ways..."

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