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Sectoid Interrogation
Sectoid Interrogation

Our interrogation of the small alien captive was a learning experience for all parties involved. Although traditionally an interrogation would imply a discussion of sorts, perhaps under coercion, that possibility was out of the question given these unique circumstances. We were instead forced to undertake a more aggressive approach, namely, through a series of invasive cranial probes inserted into the subject's prefrontal cortex. By interpreting the captive's responses to various stimuli, we were able to discern a great deal of information... more so than I had originally anticipated. Although it seemed to have little understanding of the various modifications it had been subjected to at some point in the past, we did garner some information relating to the aliens miniaturized implants and power cells used in their weaponry. We've already begun analyzing this data for possible incorporation into future advanced weapons prototypes, including several power-intensive beam weapons.

Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012) Research Archives


  • You may benefit from capturing a Sectoid over a Floater due to the Floater's research credit being less useful and they are harder to catch, and the fact the Thin Men research credit only helps with UFO research, something that you don't really need for the first month, whereas Lasers are an absolute must, especially before your first Terror Mission
  • Research completion gives Research Credit = Beam Weapons (all Laser weapons research is reduced by 50%)
  • Research benefits from South America's continental bonus "We Have Ways..."

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