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Sometimes micromanagement of TUs in a turn becomes important - especially when trying to throw grenades or change weapons. This table might help.

Read the 'From' location on the left (row), then find it's destination in the 'To' column. For a number in the same location, it means e.g. left hand to right hand. If there are two numbers, there is an extra cost for switching sides (e.g., left hand to right leg). There is no cost for moving things around within the same area (e.g. a different belt square).

From ⇒ ToGroundHandLegBeltShoulderBackpack
Leg64, 610101018
Hand248, 1081014

TU costs are fixed. They aren't affected by soldier stats (energy, strength, even being an MC'd alien), nor by weight or size of items. Due to the fact that it's fixed instead of a percentage, soldiers with higher TUs can do more inventory management (or, looked at another way, they're faster at it). Some observations:

  • The shoulder is best for small items. It takes the least time to get to hand (3 TUs). Before starting combat, put grenades, motion scanners, etc., here. It's also best for dropping stuff to the ground (4 TUs, not counting the hand's 2 TUs).
  • The leg is best for simply picking stuff up off the ground (10 TUs, not counting hand's 8).
  • Only going from leg to hand or vice-versa shows "handedness" - a higher cost to go from one side of the body to the other.
  • When picking up stuff that you may want in your hand later, overall the leg on the same side as the hand (10 now, 4 later) is a little quicker than either shoulder (12 now, 3 later). If you have 12 TUs now though, you might use the shoulder since it will need less TUs later (and for either hand, at that).
  • Loading ammo takes 15 TUs, no matter where the ammo comes from (even backpack or ground). Since it doesn't matter where you put ammo, consider your backpack if pressed for space. It's especially suitable for blaster bombs (to keep your belt free).
  • It always takes 8 TUs to unload a weapon (including pistols), no matter where the weapon is coming from (already in hand, from ground, even from backpack).
  • Of course, 2-square items (MedKit, pistol, blaster bomb) should go on your belt. It's 4 TUs to your hand vs. 8 from backpack.
  • In general, it takes significantly longer to go up than down, and a little longer to go "farther". Backpack is the worst.

Some people have wrestled with the "alien inventory bug", where if you pick up something from a leg slot with more than one item in it, but don't have enough TUs to put the item down, you're screwed - you have to crash the game or reboot. But you can put it in the other (empty) left leg square - if it will fit! (Be REAL careful with stacked blaster bombs!) The other slot doesn't cost any TUs, so it's doable, if the item fits.

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