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Item weights are represented in Strength units. For example, an item of 18 weight units requires a bare minimum of 18 strength points for you to carry without suffering an encumbrance penalty on your TU refresh rate.

Therefore, if you want to micromanage your items for a very weak soldier, add up the weight of all the items you want to issue the soldier, then compare the result against the soldier's strength. Add or remove items as necessary while keeping the weight vs. strength level balanced.

Tip: All small items (one inventory square) are 3 weight units.

Item Weights do not directly correlate to weight (e.g. in kilograms), and the relationship is not even a linear one. Think of it instead as a measure of how much the item causes Encumbrance. The Weight value should not be considered an actual physical quality such as mass.

Due to a helpful bug, clips or shells automatically loaded into carried weapons by the game engine for the pre-battle Equipment Setup screen are not counted for weight. This changes as soon as you unload or reload the weapon (even during the Equipment Setup screen); the full weight is counted thereafter.

In the battlescape display, an item lying on the ground might represent a pile of items. In this case, it is the heaviest item displayed (usually a corpse).

The following represents a complete list of item weights for X-Com UFO Defense/Enemy Unknown.

Ballistic WeaponsEnergy WeaponsExplosive WeaponsCorpsesMiscellaneous
Name Weight
Pistol 5
   Pistol Clip 3
Rifle 8
   Rifle Clip 3
Heavy Cannon 18
    HC-AP 6
    HC-HE 6
    HC-IN 6
Auto-Cannon 19
    AC-AP 5
    AC-HE 5
    AC-IN 5
Name Weight
Laser Pistol 7
Laser Rifle 8
Heavy Laser 18
Plasma Pistol 3
    Plasma Pistol Clip 3
Plasma Rifle 5
    Plasma Rifle Clip 3
Heavy Plasma 8
    Heavy Plasma Clip 3
Name Weight
Rocket Launcher 10
    Small Rocket 6
    Large Rocket 8
    Incendiary Rocket 8
Small Launcher 10
    Stun Bomb 3
Blaster Launcher 16
    Blaster Bomb 3
Name Weight
Jumpsuit 22
Personal Armor 24
Power Suit* 26
Flying Suit* 26
Sectoid 30
Snakeman 40
Ethereal 25
Muton 40
Floater 20
Celatid 35
Silacoid 40
Chryssalid 40
Name Weight
Stun Rod 6
Grenade 3
Smoke Grenade 3
Proximity Grenade 3
Alien Grenade 3
High Explosive 6
Electro-flare 3
Motion Scanner 3
Medi-Kit 5
Psi-Amp 10
Mind Probe 5
Elerium 3

* Technically these corpses are the same object type, and have only 1 entry in OBDATA.DAT

Quick reference for common item sets

Note that for all weapons that are loaded by the game during setup, subtract the ammo weight from the "Loaded" values given below. The ammo weight only applies if you load the weapon yourself. Think of this as "Free-loading". :)

Items Weight
Loaded Rifle + 3 one-space items* 20
Laser Rifle + 3 one-space items 17
Loaded Heavy Cannon 24
     w/ extra clip 30
Loaded Auto Cannon 24
     w/ extra clip 29
Loaded Rocket Launcher + 3 Large Rockets 42
     w/ all Small Rockets 34
Loaded Heavy Plasma + 3 one-space items 20
Loaded Blaster Launcher 19
     + 5 Blaster Bombs 34
Loaded Small Launcher + 2 one-space items 19
Laser Pistol 7
Loaded Plasma Pistol 6
Stun Rod 6
Medi-Kit 5
Mind Probe 5
Psi-Amp 10

* All one space items (grenades, ammo clips, motion scanner, stun bombs) have a weight of 3 in UFO Defence (but not always in TFTD).

Uncarryable items

The remaining items cannot be picked up, but are included for completeness sake:

Corpses (continued): 
Male Civilian..........30
Female Civilian........50 

Note that for the large units, each quarter is worth 50 units.

Unused Items: 
Unused slot.............1   
Unused slot............22 (Same as above, but heavier)
Unused slot............22 (Ditto) 
Unused slot.............1 (Appears to be a type of plasma clip) 
Unused slot.............4 (Pistol variant. Slower, less accurate, 1x1 in size)
Unused slot.............4 (Unknown)

Note: In TFTD, the above slots are used by the gauss clips and the drills

The game has six unused item slots. Unfortunately, there's no known way to get them into any of the item transfer screens. Otherwise, they'd make six extra weapons, clips, or grenades. They can be added to the Skyranger with a ship store editor, and they'll appear in combat, but their OBDATA.DAT entries have to be tweaked so that they work.

The first three unused slots are an unnamed multi-barrelled laser. Prime attracting feature: 15% TU Autofire @ 50% accuracy with 40 laser damage. It's assumed to be a multi-barrelled laser as the default battlescape image shows the autocannon, although uses the laser rifle for its inventory image.

Sorted by item weight

Here's an alternate listing sorted by Item Weight. Does not include items that can't be picked up:

Weight Item
3 Alien Grenade
3 Blaster Bomb
3 Electro Flare
3 Elerium
3 Grenade
3 Heavy Plasma Clip
3 Motion Scanner
3 Pistol Clip
3 Plasma Pistol
3 Plasma Pistol Clip
3 Plasma Rifle Clip
3 Proximity Grenade
3 Rifle Clip
3 Smoke Grenade
3 Stun Bomb
5 Medi-Kit
5 Mind Probe
5 Pistol
5 Plasma Rifle
6 High Explosive
6 Small Rocket
6 Stun Rod
7 Laser Pistol
8 Heavy Plasma
8 Incendiary Rocket
8 Large Rocket
8 Laser Rifle
8 Rifle
10 Psi-Amp
10 Rocket Launcher
10 Small Launcher
16 Blaster Launcher
18 Heavy Cannon
18 Heavy Laser
19 Auto Cannon
20 Floater
22 Soldier in Jumpsuit
24 Soldier in Personal Armor
25 Ethereal
26 Soldier in Power or Flying Armor
30 Sectoid
35 Celatid
40 Chryssalid
40 Muton
40 Silacoid
40 Snakeman

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