Jungle Terrain

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Jungle Terrain

The tropical wilderness can be a harsh place for skirmishes between X-Com and alien forces. From the Geoscape, jungle looks like expanses of rough, textured green. South of the equator, these areas will be jungle. To the north, they will be broadleaf Forest Terrain.

The hot steamy jungles provide a mass of vegetation that can greatly hinder movement. The tall dry grass and low brushes provide an abundance of fuel should any fires break out during the fight. The trees aren't as dense as the forest canopies, but can still provide some cover for airborne X-Com soldiers and aliens. Unlike the forests of the north, there are no hills in the jungle. However, the dense vegetation provides enough cover even on the flat land.

Mutons are, curiously enough, also in their element when fighting in the Jungle. This is because they blend so well with their surroundings that it is quite easy for a careless commander to overlook a Muton standing in plain view.

Battle Notes

Find the Muton!
Be careful when making casual glances over jungle terrain. You can sometimes miss mutons that are out in the open.
  • The brush creates many ground-level obstacles to movement, and often divides the terrain up into natural paths that may lead to where you don't want to go. Commanders should feel encouraged to cut through the brush with weapon fire.
  • Due to the dense vegetation, given enough time, small fires will eventually become fairly large fires.
  • As with some UFO corners, you can fly up into the overhanging tree canopies. There's no real benefit by doing this.
  • Aliens may spawn in areas which cannot be escaped from because of the brush. If you have cleared the UFO and the game refuses to end, this is probably your problem. The ideal method of disposal would be a grenade or three.

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