LargeScout CreepyForest (EU2012)

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Large Scout Creepy Forest loading screen


  • Landed UFO

Map Dimensions

  • Length: 88 tiles
  • Width: 48 tiles
  • Height: 4 tiles
  • Total map area: 16896 tiles


  • Starting Location - along the northern edge of the map.
  • General Layout
    • The map has three sets hills: the largest is South, where the UFO has landed; East, which are the highest ones; and West, more uneven and with a smaller north-south ditch close to the map edge.
    • East and West are separated from South hill by a ditch, that runs across the entire map and it needs to be crossed to reach the UFO. There's also another ditch separating them that leads directly into the UFO's entrance.
  • Strategies
    • Since the UFO has landed the Aliens will be able to deploy a large force of four packs plus the UFO bridge crew. The alien's numbers and the geography can make a frontal assault on the UFO very dangerous since they'll have the higher ground and the numbers to inflict casualties on the attackers.
    • Secure one of the East/West hills and try to draw aliens to the ditches where they'll be at a disadvantage - the East side is higher while the West side has less cover due to the terrain.
    • When assaulting the South hill concentrate your efforts along one axis and be prepared to retreat if there's too much opposition. Remember, if the aliens come after you then you'll have the higher ground instead of them.
Large Scout Creepy Forest overview
Large Scout Creepy Forest opposite overview