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General Information

Large Radar System
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A large detection system has a range of 450 nautical miles and is linked to satellite systems for ground search. Each system has a 5% chance of detecting an average sized object every 10 minutes.

Source: Enemy Unknown Ufopaedia
(UFOpaedia text is erroneous)

Large Radar: Level 0
Large Radar: Level 1

Radar systems provide UFO Detection for bases. The Large Radar System has both short and long range detection.

Every thirty minutes game time, the Large Radar has 20% chance of detecting a UFO within an approximate 2000-2300 mile radius and can track existing contacts up to an approximate 3000 mile radius. If you advance the time an hour or day at a time, it will make multiple checks and interrupt if a UFO is detected, setting the time to be at whatever point the detection happened (even if it is only five seconds after the last update).

Whether these chances are affected by the size of the UFO is unknown, the UFOpaedia suggest that it does play a part, but the description text is wrong about all the other details.

Large Radar Systems can be improved by adding a Small Radar System to boost the large radar's short range detection to 30%. This will not affect the 20% long range detection. Additional radars of either type have no game effect except to increase the detection meters on the Base Information page. Both types of Radar become redundant once a Hyper-wave Decoder has been installed at a base.

This base facility appears in UFO: Enemy Unknown. For the Terror from the Deep equivalent, refer to the Wide Array Sonar.


Please use the following as a guide. The inner circle shows short range detection and the outer circle shows long range detection. UFOs are pinged at half hour intervals and fast ships may continue to be tracked beyond the ranges indicated before disappearing.

Approx small radar coverage (inner).PNG


Construction Time: 25 days
Construction Cost: $800,000
Maintenance Cost: $15,000/month
Detection Abilities
Short +20
Long +20
Hyperwave 0

The above detection abilities are one-time-bonuses per base. The base detection values are recalculated every time a new building is completed on a base.

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