Laser Pistol (EU2012)

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For the original UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994) version, see Laser Pistol
Laser Pistol

The laser pistol relies on our latest advancements to provide a more powerful sidearm that does not require reloading in the field.

  • An improvement on the conventional pistol
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required Beam Weapons
Base Costs §10
10 Alloys
10 Engineers
Base Damage 1-3 (+1 with Improved Pistol III)
Critical Damage 3 or 4 (+1 with Improved Pistol III)
Critical Chance 10% (+10% with Improved Pistol I)
Range Medium
Abilities None
  • The Laser Pistol is a laser-based weapon in XCOM: Enemy Unknown and becomes available for manufacture (along with the Laser Rifle) after completing the research Beam Weapons.
  • The Laser Pistol, like all the other pistols, can be visually seen strapped to the XCOM soldier's right thigh.
  • Compared to its counterparts, the laser pistol has a 10% higher critical chance.
  • The Laser Pistol is a particularly good upgrade for a Sniper with the Gunslinger ability and relevant Foundry upgrades.
  • While the listed Critical Damage (on the EW DLC) is 3-5, the actual values are either 3 (66% of the shots) or 4 (33%) due to a bug.

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