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General Information

A transport and intercept flying sub, with extreme depth capability. A superb synthesis of alien and human technology, utilising Ion Propulsion Systems and Magnetic Array Navigation.

The "Leviathan" is the ultimate replication of Alien technology. Both a troop transporter and an effective interceptor, the "Leviathan" is generally considered to be the best craft to use once the technology has been developed.

(HOWEVER!!! Unless you exploit the "infinite fuel" cheat, the Triton will be able to stay in the air something like... 10,000% longer than any other aircraft. This makes it ESSENTIAL to keep a Triton around to detect alien bases. And also to exploit the terror mission daylight mission trick)

The fastest craft available to X-COM, as well as the most resilient to damage. It also has a huge amount of room in the cargo holds. The "Leviathan" - when armed with dual Sonic Oscillators, is arguably the only craft available to X-COM that can intercept an alien Dreadnought single-handed without being completely destroyed.

This craft appears in Terror from the Deep. For the UFO: Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to the Avenger.

Special Requirements

The "Leviathan" craft is fuelled by Zrbite. Before manufacturing this craft, ensure that you have sufficient stocks of Zrbite in your general stores.

Vital Statistics

Maximum Speed:5,800
Fuel Capacity:50
Weapon Pods:2
Damage Capacity:1,250
Cargo Space:26
SWS Capacity:4

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