Light Plasma Pistol (Bureau)

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Light Plasma Pistol (Bureau).png
US Price $0.99
UK Price £0.65

As either a Light or normal Plasma Pistol, this weapon had seemed to have gone AWOL. It was, at least at one point, part of the retail exclusive, alongside the Codebreaker DLC/Minor Operation. In-store displays showed a pistol of similar design to the Laser Pistol, colored green instead of red, with brass-like coloration.

However, as of October 15th, 2013, it is now available as DLC for the price of $0.99. If purchased, it will be automatically available after extracting Dr. Wier in the second level (after it would have helped fighting off the Gunship...).

As it is a unique weapon, expect to rely on Energy Packs and Supply Drops to reload it, as there will be no Sectoids to resupply on the go (hopefully, it won't come to that: it has a fairly large ammo carry capacity). On top of being an early plasma weapon, it is also capable of full-auto fire, making it a devastating and versatile weapon.

  • Clip/Carry: 13/152
  • Gunner Pack: 17/204


Xbox Store Desciption

Early Bureau research into outsider weapons technology has yielded promising results in the form of a prototype light plasma pistol. Not as bulky as its Outsider predecessor, this compact weapon fires condensed bolts of plasma and boasts a vastly improved rate-of-fire, giving players an early edge in the secret war for humanity’s survival.

Source: Xbox Store