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X-COM: General - StategyCore (formally X-Com Tactical Command, but merged with a few other sites). - this is currently the best source for all x-com games and also got a nifty forum.

Official Strategy Guide (on Amazon)

Kasey Chang's Unofficial Strategy Guide

X-COM on Wikipedia

Novel by Diane Duane

XCommand - Hurrah for the Way Back Machine!

Official Mythos Games site - Hurrah for the Way Back Machine!

Firaxis's XCOM official site

2K's official XCOM forums

Nexus Mods XCOM section

Nexus Mods XCOM Wiki

Wikia's XCOM wiki - deals only with XCOM: Enemy Unknown and The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

Remakes and Inspired Games


Daniel Blakemore's Sci-Fi Emporium section on X-COM

Fernando's Saga


StrategyCore Moderated Fanfic

Stumpy's War - a commander's log.






Scott T. Jones and Blade FireLight's XcomUtil - also see our wiki notes here

Daishiva's MapView, which lets you view, edit, and create terrain tiles, UFOs, etc.

Hatfarm's UFO Editing Site

DOSBox, a DOS emulator wrapper for XCOM in WinXP. Also see notes here.


X-COM Trilogy UFOpedia - Game graphic UFOpedias for all 3 Xcom games - with game graphics - Danial's UFOpaedia