M.C. Disruptor

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M.C. Disruptor
(h x w)
3 x 1 MC Disruptor.png
Weight 8
D. Threshold 20
Sale Price $194,700
Action TU
Jam Implant 25
Control Implant 25
Cost $160,000
Technician Hours 500
Workspace 4
Materials 2 Zrbite
1 Aqua Plastics

The ultimate in M.C. technology. This can only be used by aquanauts with M.C. skills. Click on the Disruptor, select the type of attack, and select a target unit with the cursor. There are two types of Disruptor attack:

  • Jam Implant: If successful, the enemy unit becomes confused, and it may panic.
  • Control Implant: If successful you will gain control of the enemy unit.

This item appears in Terror from the Deep. For the UFO: Enemy Unknown equivalent, refer to the Psi-Amp.


MC Disruptor.png
  • Size: 1 wide x 3 high
  • Weight: 8
  • TUs:
    • 25 TUs per use.
  • Manufacturing: $160,000 for parts, plus 500 Engineer Hours, 2 Zrbite, 1 Aqua Plastics, 4 Workshop space.
  • Sell Price: $194,700

Additional Information

Essentially identical to the Psi-Amp from XCom-1 UFO Enemy Unknown. Slightly lighter weight. Less profitable, due to the higher quantities of exotic materials required. Not advisable to produce for profit.

Also beware of the in-game description. This device will most certainly work on land. Also, the "implant" mentioned just refers to having MC Skill greater than 0, and you do not in fact need to have an implant to get mind controlled or panicked by the aliens.

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