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By Mission Types

EW DLC = XCOM: Enemy Within DLC new maps/mission types.
EU = XCOM: Enemy Unknown only (removed/replaced on EW DLC)

Map Dimensions

The info below summarizes all the map attributes and missions.

  • The values on the Total Area may not correspond to the actual playable area.
  • Values in game squares (tiles)
Map Image Max Length Max Width Total Area Local Time Mission(s) Region
Abductor Cliffside Abductor Cliffside.png 75 55 4125 Day Crashed UFO
Abductor Farm Outskirts Abductor FarmOutskirts.png 98 46 4508 Day Landed UFO
Abductor Scorched Earth Abductor Scorched Earth.png 85 48 4080 Night Crashed UFO
Abductor Winding Stream Abductor Winding Stream.png 103 70 7210 Day Landed UFO
Alien Base 01 AlienBase01.png None Storyline
Alien Base 02 AlienBase02.png None Storyline
Bar BAR (EU2012).png 52 39 2028 Night Abductions North America
Bar Terror BAR TERROR (EU2012).png 52 39 2028 Night Terror Site North America
Battleship 01 Battleship.png Night Crashed UFO
Battleship 02 Battleship1.png Night Crashed UFO
Boulevard BOULEVARD (EU2012).png 56 42 2352 Night Abductions
Boulevard Euro BOULEVARD EURO (EU2012).png 56 42 2352 Night Abductions
Cemetery Grand CemeteryGrand.png 70 54 3780 Night Abductions
Commercial Alley COMMERCIALALLEY (EU2012).png 56 56 3136 Night Abductions
Commercial Alley Terror COMMERCIALALLEY TERROR (EU2012).png 56 56 3136 Night Terror Site
Commercial Restaurant COMMERCIAL RESTAURANT.png 48 44 2112 Night Terror Site
Commercial Street COMMERCIAL STREET.png 54 39 2106 Day Abductions
Commercial Street COMMERCIAL STREET TERROR.png 54 39 2106 Night Terror Site
Confounding Light CnfndLight.png Night Slingshot DLC Asia
Convenience Store CONVENIENCE STORE (EU2012).png 56 46 2300 Night Abductions
Convenience Store Terror CONVENIENCE STORE TERROR (EU2012).png 56 46 2300 Night Terror Site
Demolition Demolition.png 41 29 1021 Night Abductions
Fast Food FAST FOOD (EU2012).png 47 39 1833 Night Abductions North America
Gangplank Gangplank4.png Night Slingshot DLC
Gas Station GasStation.png 46 44 2024 Night Abductions North America
Highway 1 Highway1.png 57 50 2850 Night Terror Site
Highway Bridge HighwayBridge.png 76 20 1520 Night Abductions
Highway Construction HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION (EU2012).png 66 28 1848 Night Abductions
Highway Fallen HighwayFallen.png 65 20 1300 Night Council
Industrial Office INDUSTRIAL OFFICE (EU2012).png 47 43 2021 Night Abductions
Intro Level ACT1 INTROLEVEL (EU2012).png Night Tutorial
Large Scout Creepy Forest Large Scout Creepy Forest.png 88 48 4224 Night Landed UFO
Large Scout Deep Woods Large Scout Deep Woods.png 89 73 6497 Day Crashed UFO
Large Scout Forest Trench Large Scout Forest Trench.png 100 98 9800 Day Crashed UFO
Large Scout Hillside Large Scout Hillside.png 70 70 4900 Day Landed UFO
Large Scout Stonewall Large Scout Stonewall.png 73 54 3942 Night Crashed UFO
Large Scout The Barrens Large Scout The Barrens.png 74 72 5328 Night Crashed UFO
Liquor Store LiquorStore.png 51 47 2397 Night Abductions North America
Low Friends LowFriends.png Night Slingshot DLC Asia
Military Ammo MilitaryAmmo.png 67 56 3752 Night Terror Site
Museum MUSEUM (EU2012).png 51 50 2550 Night Abductions
Museum Euro MUSEUM 1 (EU2012).png 51 50 2550 Night Abductions
Office Paper OFFICE PAPER (EU2012).png 64 48 3072 Night Abductions
Overseer Deep Woods Overseer Deep Woods.png 89 73 6497 Day Storyline
Overseer Forest Trench Overseer Forest Trench.png 100 98 9800 Day Storyline
Overseer Stonewall Overseer Stonewall.png 73 56 4088 Night Storyline
Overseer The Barrens Overseer The Barrens.png 74 72 5328 Night Storyline
Pier A PIERA (EU2012).png 62 25 1550 Night Abductions
Pier A Asia PIERA (EU2012).png 62 25 1550 Night Abductions
Police Station PoliceStation.png 49 47 2303 Night Terror Site North America
Research Outpost ResearchOutpost.png 62 59 3658 Day Abductions
Rooftops Const RooftopsConst2.png 42 34 1344 Day Abductions
Rooftops Const Asia RooftopsConst.png 42 34 1344 Day Abductions Asia
Slaughterhouse A SLAUGHTERHOUSE A (EU2012).png 55 28 1540 Night Abductions
Small Cemetery SMALL CEMETERY (EU2012).png 46 35 1610 Night Abductions
Small Scout Badlands Small Scout Badlands.png 74 74 5476 Day Crashed UFO
Small Scout Dirt Road Small Scout Dirt Road.png 71 65 4615 Night Crashed UFO
Small Scout Marshlands Small Scout Marshlands.png 74 71 5254 Day Crashed UFO
Small Scout Quagmire Small Scout Quagmire.png 76 72 5472 Night Crashed UFO
Small Scout River Small ScoutRiver.png 76 46 3496 Day Landed UFO
Small Scout River Valley Small Scout RiverValley.png 92 57 5244 Day Landed UFO
Street Hurricane STREET HURRICANE (EU2012).png 66 22 1452 Night Abductions Europe
Street Hurricane Terror STREET HURRICANE TERROR (EU2012).png 66 22 1452 Night Terror Site Europe
Street Overpass StreetOverpass.png 62 40 2480 Night Abductions
Supply Ship Forest Grove SupplyShip ForestGrove.png 95 60 5700 Day Landed UFO
Supply Ship Overlook A SupplyShip OverlookA.png 108 65 7020 Night Crashed UFO
Supply Ship Rocky Gorge SupplyShip RockyGorge.png 118 52 6136 Day Landed UFO
Supply Ship Wildfire SupplyShip Wildfire.png 108 74 7992 Day Crashed UFO
Temple Ship TempleShip.png None Storyline
Train Station TrainStation.png 78 31 2418 Night Abductions
Trainyard Trainyard.png 54 42 2268 Day Abductions
Truckstop TRUCKSTOP (EU2012).png 74 36 2664 Day Abductions
North America

By Continents

Source: DefaultMaps.ini game file - these settings appear deactivated.

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