Map Types (Long War)

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Forest: Heavy Vegetation

Abductor Scorched Earth (crash)

Large Scout Creepy Forest (landing)

Large Scout Deep Woods (crash)

Large Scout Forest Trench (crash)

Large Scout Stonewall (crash)

Small Scout Dirt Road (crash)

Supply Ship Forest Grove (landing)

Supply Ship Overlook A (crash)

Supply Ship Wildfire (crash)

Plains: Light Vegetation

Abductor Cliff Side (crash)

Abductor Farm Outskirts (landing)

Large Scout the Barrens (crash)

Small Scout Badlands (crash)

Riparian: Light Forest and Moderate Vegetation

Abductor Winding Stream (landing)

Large Scout Hillside (landing)

Small Scout River (landing)

Small Scout River Valley (landing)

Small Scout Quagmire (crash)

Small Scout Marshlands (crash)

Supply Ship Rocky Gorge (landing)


Boulevard (CDR)

Boulevard Euro


Highway 1

Highway Bridge

Highway Construction (CDR)

Highway Construction EWI (CE)

Highway Fallen

Street Hurricane

Street Hurricane Terror

Street Overpass

Street Overpass EWI (CE)


Cemetery Grand

Gas Station EWI (CDR)

Furies (landing)

Military Ammo (CE)

Research Outpost (CE)

Small Scout Farm (crash)

Small Scout Roadhouse (crash)

Trainyard (CE)

Urban Block

Commercial Alley

Commercial Alley EWI (CE)

Commercial Restaurant (CDR)

Commercial Street

Convienence Store

Convienence Store EWI (CE)

Large Scout City (crash)

Liquor Store (CE)

Meld Tutorial

Office Paper

Office Paper Terror

Portent (CE)

Truck Stop

Truck Stop EWI (CDR)

Slaugherhouse A

Small Scout Nuked City (crash)

Urban Close Quarters

Demolition EWI (CDR)

Fast Food

Fast Food EWI

Friends in Low Places

Small Cemetery

Urban Large Structure


Industrial Office (CDR)

Office Paper EWI (CDR)

Police Station (CDR)

Rooftops Construction (CDR)

Train Station


Chryssalid Hive

Pier A

Pier A Asia

Pier A Terror (CE)


CDR: Covert Data Recovery

CE: Covert Extractions