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The ominous and highly secretive Marsec corporation took over from X-COM as the leading provider of off-world security, as X-COM centered its activities around Mega-Primus. During the initial years of their operation Marsec was empowered to impose order on the rebellious Mars colony. Marsec (Mars Security) developed high technology weaponry and vehicles by recruiting top Scientists from Earth and using the equipment left by X-COM. With the establishment of the remote Elerium mining colonies, Marsec secured contracts for military equipment despite competition from Megapol.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia


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  • Marsec is the largest vehicle and armament provider within the city.
  • Air vehicles are necessary for X-Com's role within Mega-Primus. If Marsec is hostile and no combat variants of Hybrid vehciles are known, failure to defend the city (and eventually losing the game) is the usual outcome.
Alien Infiltration Speed: Average



Vehicle Equipment

Agent Equipment

Initial Attitudes


Defence Forces

A selection of items:

Δ not found anywhere else.

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