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The Mechtoid

The Mechtoid is a MEC developed by the aliens for the Sectoids that appears on Enemy Within DLC. The Mechtoid has an ability called Plasma Barrage which allows it to fire twice in a turn if it doesn't move and Sectoids (including Commanders) can mind merge with it and give it a 6 damage reducing shield. The Mechtoid won't die if the merger is killed, but it will lose the shield and take damage.

Mechtoids can be fearful foes due to their resilience and firepower and will start appearing halfway through the game, with 1 or 2 Sectoids. After the Alien Base is assaulted you'll see them on the company of Sectoid Commanders, which turns them into a deadly combination of firepower and psionic powers.


Mechtoid (EU2012).png
1st Appearance June
August (Marathon)
HP 16/20/22/24
Aim 60/70/80/80
Defense 10
Will 0
Movement 14
Mechtoid Armaments
Weapon Base Damage Critical Damage Critical Chance
Mechtoid Plasma Cannon 6-8 10 or 12 0
Mechtoid Abilities
Ability Description
Plasma Barrage
Twin-linked plasma mini-cannons allow the Mechtoid two shots in the same turn.
Confers extra protection against critical hits. Enemies suffer a -60% chance to inflict critical hits.


  • Mechtoids will first appear in June (vanilla) or August (Marathon) with escorting Sectoids. Mechtoids with Sectoid Commanders will appear in July (vanilla) or October (Marathon).
  • Mectoids can attack same target twice unlike Sectopods.
  • Mechtoids are immune to the effects of the new Poison Grenade and to the Flamethrower.
  • Sectoids and Sectoid Commanders can mind merge with Mechtoids that grants +6 HPs. The shield reduces all incoming weapons damage done to the Mechtoid by half.
  • Killing the Sectoid that is mind merged with the Mechtoid cancels the shield and causes 3 damage to the mechanized alien.
  • Recovered dead Mechtoids will give 2 alien artifacts: the Sectoid pilot's corpse and 1 Mechtoid Core.
    • Research of the Mech Core gives 2 new Foundry projects: Shaped Armor (adds 3 extra health to MECs and S.H.I.V.s) and Advanced Servomotors, which increases mobility for these 2 armored units.
  • Killed Mechtoids will also grant 5 Meld.
  • Mechtoids have -1 Damage on Easy, +2 Damage and +15 Critical Chance on Classic, and +4 Damage and +15 Critical Chance on Impossible difficulties.
  • They are still vulnerable to Psi attacks, including Mind Control.
  • Like how Berserkers are often fielded with Muton 'escorts', the Mechtoid will make regular appearances for the rest of a campaign, along with Sectoids and Sectoid Commanders, who will boost them with shields.
  • Whichever way they are killed; they will crush any destructable cover/objects they fall on in their death throes.
  • Their plasma cannon self-destructs into Weapon Fragments when they are killed, but do not recoverably "drop" if killed while under XCOM Mind Control, and they cannot be stunned at all: thus it is slightly more profitable to kill them with weapons fire.
  • They do receive 7 points of damage from Mind Fray attacks from soldiers with the HEAT Ammo ability, as opposed to the usual 5.
  • Even if your soldier is without HEAT, their lack of Will means they are guaranteed Mind fray victims, and should be prioritized as such: removing a portion of their move and aim tends to be a better choice than taking down one of their Sectoid escorts (which will often waste it's next turn linking with the Mechtoid anyways).

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