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  • Medals can now be assigned to soldiers on the Enemy Within DLC. They appear as a new option in the Barracks menu.
  • Medals will be received upon completing certain objectives on missions. There is a cap on the number of medals that can be present on the entire pool of live soldiers.
  • The name of the medals can be changed and there is a choice between 2 options that will increase the soldier's stats upon receiving it.
  • There is a limit of the number of medals that can be issued. However, if soldiers with medals are killed the medal will be available again for awards 2 missions afterwards.
    • Soldiers who are dismissed (rather than killed) take their medals with them, effectively removing those medals from your pool forever.
  • Will bonus from medals does not affect psi combat.
    • Thus, if your soldiers are immune to panic due to Defender's Medals or Neural Damping, you can consider ignoring medal effects that improve will.
  • If using savescumming and Hidden Potential to get the most out of leveling, keep in mind that some of the medal powers will change the stats of your soldiers.

Names and Types of Medals

Urban Combat Badge
  • Urban Combat Badge
    • Urban Combat Badge 1 (EU2012).png +5 Defense when in cover.
    • Urban Combat Badge 2 (EU2012).png +5 Aim against enemies in full cover.
    • Maximum of 5 medals issued. Each medal is unlocked after 3 missions have passed?

Defender's Medal
  • Defender's Medal
    • Defenders Medal 1 (EU2012).png Never panic as result of allies getting wounded or killed.
    • Defenders Medal 2 (EU2012).png Medikits and Restorative Mists heal 2 HP more when used on this soldier.
    • Maximum of 3 medals issued. Each medal is unlocked after 3 missions take place? Can be given after a successful mission where a soldier is killed or critically injured. Sometimes, you can get it when a soldier is injured but not critically.

International Service Cross
  • International Service Cross
    • International Service Cross 1 (EU2012).png +2 Will per different nationality in the squad.
    • International Service Cross 2 (EU2012).png +2 Aim per continent bonus XCOM has earned.
    • Maximum of 2 medals issued. Unlocked after 7 missions take place? Requires performing missions on 3 different continents.

Council Medal of Honor
  • Council Medal of Honor
    • Council Medal of Honor 1 (EU2012).png +1 Aim and Will for each mission completed with no soldier deaths, up to a maximum of +10.
      • Bonus is dependent upon when soldier is awarded and each mission awarded soldier participates in. If awarded soldier only participates in two missions out of X missions, the soldier will only receive +1 Aim & Will on the second mission. The awarded soldier must participate in eleven missions without any soldier deaths to receive maximum benefit (+10 Aim & Will).
      • Bonus can take effect on the second mission after being awarded, and does not take into account missions completed prior to award.
    • Council Medal of Honor 2 (EU2012).png Provides 10 Aim and Critical Chance if not within 7 tiles of an allied unit.
      • Bonus offers instant utilization without much drawback or relying on soldier mission attendance. Best awarded to MEC Troopers, Shotgun Assaults or Squad Sight Snipers as these soldiers tend to be apart from other soldiers.
    • Maximum of 2 medals. Unlocked after 10 missions take place? Complete 3 Terror/Council/Covert Operations missions?

Star of Terra
  • Star of Terra
    • Star of Terra 1 (EU2012).png Entire squad receives +5 Will and +5 Defense in battle. Robotic units receive only the Defense bonus.
    • Star of Terra 2 (EU2012).png All soldiers in the squad at Lieutenant rank or lower gain +25% XP for completing missions.
    • Maximum of 1 medal. Complete XCOM Base Defense mission.

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