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Our field-deployable Medikit can temporarily treat a soldier's wounds through the use of nanosutures and high-potency stimulants.

  • Restores 4 health to an ally, but can be upgraded for greater effectiveness
  • Can save a critically wounded ally from bleeding out
  • Holding a Medikit confers immunity to poison
  • Can be used to neutralize poison in an ally
Source: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (2012)


Research Required N/A
Base Costs §25
Abilities/Stats Heal Wound (4 HPs)
Poison Immunity
  • Foundry Upgrades:
    • Improved Medikit: Increases healing value by 2
  • Support abilities synergies:
    • Field Medic: Can use Medikit 2 additional times per mission.
    • Revive: Bring a critically-wounded soldier back into the fight at 33% HP
    • Savior: Restore an additional +4 HP per use
  • Can be used on any friendly unit adjacent to the medic, or on the medic itself.
  • Any unit that will benefit from a Medikit will be surrounded by a pink circle with crosses when a soldier with a Medikit is selected. This circle indicates the range at which the Medikit can be used.
  • While anyone can use the Medikit, it's really best in a Support soldier's hands.
    • With Sprinter, they can move 3 more tiles per turn, getting into healing range faster.
    • With Field Medic, they can use it two more times per mission, for triple total healing.
    • With Revive, they can bring soldiers back into the fight at 33% HP, which is useful just to get them out of the line of fire, if nothing else.
    • A Medikit is a unique item so a Support soldier with the Deep Pockets ability can only carry a Medikit and another item (Enemy Within DLC changed Deep Pockets to no longer provide additional inventory slot but to allow items one additional use).
    • And finally, Savior improves the healing done by the Medikit by 4 additional points, meaning more healing overall.
  • Always carry two Medikits into a mission; nothing is more annoying than your dedicated field medic bleeding out because nobody else had a Medikit and couldn't heal him.
  • On The Council Missions, and any other mission where you expect large amounts of Thin Men, having all your troopers carry Medikits (or wearing Titan Armor) will make them never use their spit attack.
    • Early on, when your troopers have low armor and low HP, you may want to do this, as Poison Spit rarely, if ever, misses.
    • Later on, when your troopers can shake off the 3 points of damage without a worry, you may want to avoid this, as then you might have Thin Men 'waste' a turn spitting poison for a meager 3 points damage, rather than risking getting hit, or to draw attention away from your shiny new Psi Troopers.
  • Soldier with Mimetic Skin can heal allies or self without breaking concealment when using Medikits.
  • Soldiers with the Defender's Medal may gain an additional 2 HP from Medikits when they are used on them.
  • On Enemy Within DLC with the Second Wave's Training Roulette option activated, Supports are not longer the best unit to carry Medikits since the Field Medic, Revive and Savior abilities can be randomly assigned to any class, with the exception of MEC troopers.

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