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A Guide To Mega-Primus

Our Greetings To You, Visitor!

The city which you are about to enter, Mega-Primus, is the beacon to lighten mankind's glorious path into the future. Commissioned in 2080, Mega-Primus is the first city designed under the Megapolis plan, which aims to improve human civilization life on Earth by the construction of self-sustainable megacities to house the population of mankind's home.

The city features the finest technology and comfort throughout the Sol System, thanks to the genius and effort of mankind's scientists, blending the best of human and alien technology. The result is that we are finally sitting on the zenith of our history, seeing the entire outcome of human efforts past in the blink of an eye as we walk through the streets and buildings of our city.

We travel around floating on the efficient and safe People Tubes and on hover vehicles we could not have dreamt of 40 years before. With the courtesy of the Transtellar our people and businesses are connected to all known human settlements. The corporations operating on our city, such as Superdynamics, General Metro, Cyberweb and Solmine thrive and benefit profoundly from our bountiful trading routes.

We revel on the abundance of our self-sufficiency, thanks to the efforts of Synthemesh's factories, Energen's power plants and Evonet's recycling efforts. Through the schools of Lifetree our students let school information flow into their minds freely and without effort, using psionic devices. With the nanotechnological miracles of Nanotech and Sanctuary Clinic our citizens live longer and healthier than any human before our times.

And since not all is work, we invite you to experience the entertainment provided by Sensovision's Sensodromes and watch the excitement provided by our famous GravBall teams and their Astrodomes.

But we do not wish to bore you more with our glorious past and present, and as the Space Liner is approaching the Space Port we invite you to step into a new world. To see by yourself the majesty of our architecture, to enjoy the boundaries of the finest human technology and to interact with our enlightened citizens.

A future of limitless bounties, pleasures and power awaits you on Mega-Primus.

Once Again, Welcome!

The Senate of Mega-Primus

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