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A Tourist's Guide To Megaprimus

(Insert spiel welcoming the tourist to Megaprimus, using colourful language such as Megaprimus being the city that is a bright beacon of light in the desolate darkness of the wastelands. The sprawling megalopolis with 24/7 indoor lighting and the ever present good weather(which never shuts off). Where millions of earth-bred sectoids, robots and humans can live together in peace and harmony. Where happy drug free familes can readily walk the clean ,crime free, streets. Basically a description of the city that encourages people to stay by describing the city as anything but what it is in reality. That sort of thing)


(Insert briefs that describe the civilian military industry. Listing what specific products (or range of products) are provided by the various companies.)

Firms, Companies, Collectives

(Insert briefs about the companies themselves)

Base Locations

(Insert briefs of the real estate offered to X-Com commanders by the Govt. Complete subsections with maps of all the corridor layouts and their physical locations. Each in its own section based off the difficulty level, plus essays on the pros and cons of the various building sites).