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Megapol not only runs the city police force and prison service, it also manufactures vehicles, weapons and munitions. It directly competes with the Marsec corporation for lucrative markets in the mining colonies and Mega-Primus. The major problems for Megapol are the criminal gangs that distribute Psiclone and the UFO incursions which are regarded as a threat to city security. Police vehicles bravely intercept UFOs as they materialize from the Dimension Gates, but they are woefully under equipped to deal with them.  From: Apocalypse Ufopaedia


Apoc megapol icon.png

  • Megapol is the official Law Enforcement of Mega-Primus.
  • Police Cars constantly patrol the streets, Police Hovercars are parked on standby at random buildings.
  • If Megapol is hostile towards X-Com, Police Hovercars will be a serious threat since they will launch without warning to engage any hostile airbourne craft which approaches their parked location.
  • Megapol offers weapons, equipment and vehicle armaments, unless hostile.
Alien Infiltration Speed: Average


Agent Equipment

Vehicle Equipment

Initial Attitudes


Defence Forces

A selection of items:

Δ not found anywhere else.

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