Megapol Plasma Gun

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The Megapol Plasma Gun is one of the two weapons based off the old alien Plasma technology. It is no where near as powerful as the old Heavy Plasma, but it offers an extremely well balanced weapon that combines speed, power, accuracy all rolled into a small weapon with a one-handed grip.

The plasma gun can be suitable for a variety of roles, but can not completely replace the weapons that are built for their task. For example, it is a suitable replacement for the Megapol Laser Sniper Gun, but cannot compete with it for sheer accuracy and firing range. It does compensate by offering better damage, superior speed and the option of firing two of them simultaneously without accuracy loss. It even has stopping power that is almost comparible with the Megapol Auto Cannon's Armor Piercing shells, but is considerably lighter to carry and can be carried in a side pocket. It's also an ideal replacement for the Megapol Lawpistol as it has 45% more stopping power, greater firing range and 162% more ammunition.

The Disruptor Gun is a close equivalent of the Plasma Gun, however it supercedes the Plasma Gun by having a recharging battery, allowing it to be used for extended durations, but is not as portable.

Though the Plasma Gun is already available for widespread use, it will not be officially offered to X-Com for puchase until after a week's stand-down period to get all the paperwork cleared. This does not prohibit X-Com from seizing and using Plasma Guns found in the premesis used by criminal elements.