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General Information

Megaspawn (Alive).jpg

It is difficult to disable the Megaspawn's weapon systems because they are an intrinsic part of its structure. One weapon uses energy beams while the other fires a powerful organic missile, which is generated by specialized organs. Our tests also conclude that the Megaspawn is protected from Psionic attacks.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia
Megaspawn Autopsy
Megaspawn Autopsy.jpg

The Megaspawn is essentially a huge organic weapons platform. It has two distinct weapons systems grown into its body. Although these must be added artificially, the nervous system is directly connected to them, suggesting that the creature is solely a genetically engineered combat unit.

Source: X-COM Apocalypse Ufopedia

The Megaspawn is a very large and heavily armed enemy that towers over your agents. Though they are called "weapons platforms" and can easily fit the terror unit classifications of the past wars, Megaspawn are primarily used as defenders on some UFOs and are found in many buildings in the Alien Dimension.

Megaspawn have a lot of health and have two built-in modes of attack: a disruptor beam with identical effect to the Devastator Cannon (though a slower fire rate) and a missile launcher midway between the Marsec Heavy Launcher and Dimension Missile Launcher in power. The missile launcher is the main threat due to its long range, perfect accuracy (like all launchers) and splash damage, although Disruptor Armor weathers the blasts well. Neither weapon will ever run out of ammunition.

The large size of the Megaspawn precludes them entering small spaces, and they appear to have some difficulty climbing slopes.


  • Megaspawn, like many other aliens, are not affected by psionic attacks but can be probed to check their vital statistics. This is useful for determining how much damage they must be dealt for a capture.
  • If agents are too close to a Megaspawn, it will usually attempt to retreat in order to use its missile launcher without damaging itself.


Capturing Megaspawn, or any alien for that matter, is a three step process. The first is to approach it, the second is to capture and finally to contain it until the mission is over.

Step 1

The approach is generally the most difficult task because of their heavy firepower. Clever use of terrain/tools, such as the every-day Megapol Smoke Grenade combined with the Personal Cloaking Field, are great ways to bridge the gap.

A brute force method of getting close to a Megaspawn is to load agents up with 2 or more fully charged Personal Disruptor Shields and then perform a mad dash towards it. If done with multiple agents, it might be wise to spread them out wide and run in simultaneously from various directions. It will only be able to target one agent at a time, limiting the total amount of damage taken.

If the terrain allows it, a Megaspawn is confined in a small area and your agents are able to stay out of sight: consider saturating the room with stun gas for a moment before rushing in. If you plan to deploy smoke grenades to mask your approach, don't forget that the smoke will cancel the stun gas.

Step 2

The actual act of capturing the Megaspawn is no different from any other alien with a lot of hit-points. Inflict stun damage and gradually damage it until it is below the stun level.

Note: The maximum stun level that can be inflicted is twice the listed strength of the stun weapon. So its health needs to be brought down to just under that level. Typically under 80 hit-points.

While damaging it, try to keep the stun level constant. This is can be achieved by keeping at least one stun grapple ready.

Step 3 Once the Megaspawn has collapsed, it can be held down on the ground by having an agent stand on any one of its quarters.

All that remains is to end the mission. Like any capture that involves first inflicting damage to the specimen, speed is often of the essence as the Megaspawn may be bleeding to death.

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