Melee Accuracy

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Melee accuracy affects a soldier's ability to hit their target with a close combat, or melee, attack.

Starting Values

New recruits will always begin with a value between 20 and 40.

Maximum Caps

An X-COM soldier's Melee Accuracy is capped at 120.


Melee Accuracy will only increase by the use of the Stun Rod.

Alien Usage

Because Aliens have no Stun Rod equivalent, the only species to utilise Melee Accuracy are the Silacoid, Chryssalid, Reaper, and Zombie, each of which have an accuracy of 80%. The Melee attack's damage is equal to the unit's strength.

Influencing Factors

Melle Accuracy might be affected by the same factors as firing and throwing accuracies:

  • +15% when kneeling.
  • -20% when holding a two-handed weapon with one hand.
  • -10% per wound to the head or hitting arm.
  • -25% x (max health-current health)/max health)

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