Mimic Beacon (EU2012)

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Mimic Beacon

This device has been programmed to mimic the auditory cues the invaders appear to use in the field. It can be used to attract their attention to an area.

  • Thrown like a grenade
  • Emits sounds that correspond to alien tactical cues
  • Causes aliens within radius to approach the beacon for 2 turns
  • Enemies already in combat are less likely to be fooled


Research Required Sectoid Commander Autopsy
Base Costs §50
5 Engineers
Abilities/Stats See Description
  • These "grenades" will show as two when equipped, allowing an additional use despite not being clarified in purchase screen.
  • Can be thrown on the map into a square within the player's moving range.
  • The mimic beacon will send out a signal that tricks aliens, drawing them towards it and away from any nearby player units.
  • Robotic and psi enemies aren't fooled.
    • EXALT is not fooled either. The story does imply that EXALT does not seek to interfere with aliens and their work.
  • Very useful for terror missions as aliens will spend both actions to move towards beacon, even to the point of being out of cover.

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