Mission Types (TFTD)

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Mission Variants

  • Terror Mission (TFTD) - Screaming civilians, ship calls, big dinosaurs. Also, Xcom soldiers and command are IDIOTS. Who wears a bloody diving suit all over the place when you know the entire mission is going to be on land? ... And if my Torpedo Launcher won't fire properly on land, WHY WHY WHY can't I just buy a Rocket Launcher and Heavy Rockets??? And I really REALLY wish I had Laser Weapons on those 2-part shipping lane missions.
  • Artefact Site - What is synonium anyhow? More importantly, a guaranteed Tentaculat ambush from all directions at once, guaranteed every time! ... I hate tentacults.
  • Colony Assault - Kicking over the nest.

General Tips

TFTD Badge Terror From The Deep : Mission Types
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