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====Overseer Crash Site====
====Overseer Crash Site====
====Temple Ship Assault====
====Temple Ship Assault====
[[Category: Long War]]
[[Category: Long War]]

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Standard Missions

Alien Abductions

Abductions are heavily modified in the Long War: no longer the Panic-fest (that distinction now goes to random events of public UFO sightings in uncovered-- thus, uninterceptable-- Countries), the aliens will start with only one target country at a time, with Council rewards always being credits. These missions appear randomly each month. Any of these missions can be skipped but doing so (or failing the mission) will result in increased panic in the affected countries/continents.

UFO Crash Site

When a UFO is shot down and not destroyed a UFO Crash Site mission becomes available. Completion of a UFO Crash Site mission rewards the player with the possibility of recovering valuable components from the UFO.

UFO Landing Site


Similar to the Terror missions from vanilla. In Swarming you are required to eliminate all hostiles and save as many civilians as you can. However, any civilian killed during the mission will still cause an increase in panic in the country.

Council Missions

Target Extraction

Bomb Disposal

Target Escort

Asset Recovery

Covert Data Recovery

Covert Extraction

Exalt Base Assault

Essential Missions

XCOM Base Defense

Alien Base Assault

Overseer Crash Site

Temple Ship Assault